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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Anak murid kak Ana try buat sendiri pulak hehe..

This is like entry ‘perak buih’ haha..

I wrote about the deco class on my last entry right? I was excited about the class and all that but I knew I would never find time to practice it or even to bake. That was what I thought la..
..turned out, I was a bit wrong! Hahah!

One day during this week, I decided I had a lot of time on my hands (Yeah, right! Paper tak siap corrections lagik and my research cam stalled!) Know what I did? Pi survey mixer ☺

Well, THAT was what I had planned la.. Had a look around, from almost all electrical shops in Parit Buntar to Billion.. then headed to Megamall (?) to see the prices there. THEN, came back to Pt Buntar to the first shop I had went to BUY it!! Ape ni Ayu, kate nak survey ja?!?!

Then that night, couldn’t sleep! The usual lah.. but I’m suspecting this was due to being excited of my purchase haha.. and ketaksabaran mau mencoba! Aci?

So got outta bed and did my first try. The result?


Okay la, I know, sgt la amateurish kan? But aci laaa hehe.. practice makes perfect! (Ye ke?) This one byk gune idea kak Ana on what she had taught us. I tried doing the graduation robe tp ala² tak jadi la kan. Actually, this ‘first batch’ of mine ni dpt kat 4 people. Liza, Rashwan, Choong and Rashid. Kate Choong, dia takut nak makan hahah.. very ampeh la!

And also, ade la lebih skit kan coz I did two batches actually. The first one ditambah with the pickled strawberries in my fridge and a bit of strawberry paste bought from a baking shop in Nibong Tebal. The second batch I tried kak Ana’s suggestion on choc chip cuppies so mmg ade lebey la. Didn’t know what to do with them at first but then again.. know ape lagi fungsi my students in my life? Sbg guinea pigs mencube my experiments hahah.. this time it was my form 4 class and since I also had left-over buttercream, dengan cincai² nye lah I tambah on the cupcakes. Sgt takde nilai esthetic, okay!

So after this I wanna try the Oreo suggestion! Abih la bill letrik ku bulan ni.. ni kak Ana nye pasal le ni!!! Heheh..

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