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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cerite cupcake lagik hehe..

I think due to the excitement of kak Ana's class and since I've already had my own oven since the end of last year, once again I experimented haha..

Actually, the first one ni was lefovers from the cupcakes I did for Imran (Uwaaaa.. masih kecewe!) so since buttercream pun ade leftover, I simply spread it on the cupcakes and put some jellybeans on them. Alaaaa, I wanted to give them to my form 1 students kan, kire aci laaaa.. nmpk ala² budak kaaan hehe..
Then since I haven't experimented on the chocolate ganache (and since the bahan² telah pun bermestautin di dapurku since last week hehe..), I decided to make them. The guinea pigs this time? My form 2 class hahah..

I planned to just cover the cupcakes with the chocolate but it seemed too plain bile siap. Budak² kan, nnt ade je comments nye. So I whipped up another batch of buttercream (since nak buat one for our HiTEGians yg konvo gak kan!) and took a leaf outta kak Wan's book and proceeded to do simple writings on them. Since ni my form 2 class, I tried my best to put down the Maths formulae for the form 2 syllabus..
..nmpk tak the 'letak pen' one? Hahah.. thats my favaourite phrase in class everytime I wanna explain something and the studetns keep wanting to write it down WHILE I'm talking! My student Imran (lagi? Uwaaaa.. masih kecewekan name Imran!) took that one haha.. dia kate, "Sbb cikgu suke sebut, sy nak!"

The other one plak, ngan memandai nye student sy berkate, "Cikgu, sy nak yg formula circle tu.. sbb pas makan ni mesti sy terre circle, kan cikgu?"

Aik.. ke situ plaaaaakkkkk..

Then mlm plak I did the one for the HiTEG newbies (Nor, Afzan, Wany, Firah and Jihah). Jugak tanpe nilai estetik, okay!

Aci la kaaaaannn :p

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