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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hehe.. Ayu sangat happy!

..continuing from the previous entry!

Okay, got the call from kak Ana, the cupcake maker where you can find here, who told me she had arrived and was waiting for me. But to tell you the truth, I was chatting with Ana and right before I went down, I saw her change her status to "La la la la la :p~".. and somehow, I guess soemthing clicked in me. But then again, even as I was suspecting kak Maria, when I saw Ana online, something told me she was on to something hahah..

And look what I got..

Okay, the pics might be a bit misleading.. takkan diorg bg 4 je kot? But those four are the ones I 'hid' haha.. Reason being: I'm fasting today and counting the seconds until iftar.

The message wrote: To Ayu.. Be happy and smile always! Suprise from Ana, Adie and Mael. We love you, take care!

And kak Ana told me, they wanted her to make me something that would make me smile, considering the state I've been in the past few days (emotional was more like it hahah..). True enough, I can seem to stop smiling yet.. and maybe I should say, this is the first time I've been really suprised. I've been trying to remember the last time I was suprised but I can't seem to remember so I guess the award goes to these three people who are more family than friends to me (except Adi la whom like it or not is still my blood! Heheh, jgn marah Adi!)

First thing I did was run up to the postgraduate room.. or more like first thing I wanted to do! The actual thing I did was go to Hurman and Sham's room to give some to them. They've been very helpful to us postgraduates even if some may argue its their job. There was a new staff in their room so he got one too..

Then went to give some to Sharil, Lah, Pojie and En Hanif who also have been quite big helps to us. I could say they were smiling more than me at the cupcakes, considering I had just given them some blueberry and walnut/carrots cupcakes yesterday, but I guess the sight of chocolate and strawberries makes everyone happy, huh? Especially considering that all of us have been quite busy, what with the OBE and everything..

Then went to share with my fellow HiTEGians. But 2 were on leave so I only got to share with 6 of them.. and was called the cupcake girl too hahah.. Kak Bibah told me, she just earlier told everyone how she'd like to eat strawberries and now she had one in her hands :)

In the postgrad room, Yee and Ad were tense because of their undergraduate classes they had to teach (Strength of Materials which I talked about in yesterday's entry) and how the students were bugging them even during their lab. So both were smiling happily at the cupcakes, and even Yee who doesn't eat much finished hers in record time while telling me how delicious it was. Then gave to another two student who didn't wanna eat them because 'they were too pretty too be eaten' hehe..

So, as I said to Ana, kak Ana (and Mael if he read this entry), the intended one smile for me has branched into 3+4+6+4=17 more smiles! Thanx guys.. you're the best! And I love all of you too :) :) :)


So tak leh la nak emo² esok ye, Ayu heheh..


To kak Ana.. sgt sedap cupcakes tu! Choc byk giler and the smell of choc+strawberry sgt² bes and made me sgt tak sabo to iftar :)

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