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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The love of my life.. and diminishing passion(?)

Hmm.. felt like days since the last entry, when its actually not even a week. Been wanting to update since Monday but had my first Geomatic class (thus the diminishing passion haha.. passion in teaching laaaa..) which only took the whole afternoon but my nerves weren't right eversince that morning.. giler takut! Nnt diorg tanye soklan tak leh jawab, camne?

Anyway, last week, I just realized something I would've never admitted.. and never thought was true! I actually love food haha.. and food makes me smile! Uhh, patut le rase berat hahah..

Wednesday saw me with the walnut-and-carrot cupcake as well as the blueberry ones, which I happily distributed to everyone as I know, they too love food! Then Thursday was the suprise cuppies made by kak Ana (which somehow made the smell of strawberries+chocolate still fill my days till now) and given by sweet Ana (Ana mesti buat muke bace ni haha..), crazy Adi and cheeky Mael :)

Friday saw me going to Sunway with Bart as we were both in need of 'lonely company' haha.. besides, haven't met her for a while. Went to eat at Noodle Station but I ordered the nasik goreng tomyam.. tasted more like the nasik goreng tomyam we did at home, but more 'kosong' haha.. 3 ekor udang jek?!! Lapo nye pasal, nearly finished the whole plate gak. Then went to grab the apple slices of Secret Recipe yg very generous with the apples.. yummy!
Eh.. lupe plak! Lunch for that day was the yummy nasik beriyani kedai Nuar :) Only sold on Fridays heheh..

On Saturday plak had my usual classes except my form 1 class that had to be postponed to Sunday due to the hari ganti cuti Raya or something like that. Still, was feeling a bit tired by the afternoon so my temper was a bit short that night during my form 2 class. One boy kept playing around and when I asked him what I just taught him 5 minutes ago, he just said "I dunno.."

Ayu mule la marah.. I wouldn't be mad if I knew he was slow, I was mad coz I knew he was talking while I was teaching, maka bermulelah sessi leter meleter heheh.. tengah sedap berleter, got a phone call from a familiar ringtone. A bit confused her but I just picked up the phone while pointing to the boy to do his calculations.. and the phone call made me smile again!

Tau kenape..?

Ni la sebab kenape heheh.. the 'promised' nasik dagang! Yummy.. sedap tu, berbaloi tunggu dekat setahun untuk budak ni tunaikan janji. The pic above is just a quarter portion given to me. Gile byk.. ni nak cover setahun punye janji ek?

Then on Sunday, had my form 1 class in the morning and went straight to Sunway Carnival. Just remembered I had my Geomatics class starting this week, and had no t-shirts to wear during the field work. Bukan le takde langsung, just dah buruk sangat.. Went there at 12.30pm and arrived back home at 2.30pm hehe.. laju tak saya shopping?!?

That night, while praying, got an sms. A bit confused jugak here coz I thought it was yesterday's sms yang baru dpt arini.. you know, sometimes Maxis kan memang camtu but the person assured me it was a new sms. And this made me smile lagi.. know why?

Waaaaaahh.. currypuffs!! As I said in one of my previous entries, "Sape tak suke karipap?!". Mau plak this is also a promised karipap sardin, nyum²! The picture above was only taken after I had gone through few currypuffs haha.. the rest here was kept for sahur! Thank you!!! :)

Then next day on Monday, my mind was going to the nasik tomato Bamboo Inn. Used to be my favourite when me and the HiTEG group would go there for lunch. After the HiTEG group was 'disbanded' a while, I usually went there with my housemates (when I stayed with kak Kt and kak Shima) then after that, usually went alone to tapau for iftar.

I had actually debated whether to fast or not since I had my first Geomatics class, and seriously, by 3.30pm I was already thinking of glasses of icy water. It didn't help that the students had bought bottles of cold 7up Revive and for the first time in many years, I wanted to drink a carbonated drink.. or more exclusively, the 7Up Revive! Gile tul, watching them drink it was soooooooooooooo refreshing and it took a whole lot of willpower to not go to KM and buy one for myself haha..

After the class, a VERY exhausted Ayu went back to school.. was debating with myself whether I really liked teaching or not as I still remember the panicky feeling I had when Dr Sanusi announced, "Miss Ayu is our fellow here and any difficult questions should be referred to her. Only simple questions should be asked to me.." Ceh..

Was also debating whether I still wanted nasik tomato for iftar. Luckily, cikgu Farah was here so she wanted to go to and we had a nice dinner of nasik tomato though didn't get a chance to take a photo of it since I was soo hungry by the time our dish arrived. Opps, forgot to say here.. went to Muaz to buy 7up Revive before going to Bamboo Inn.. and finished half a bottle in one gulp hahah..

Also ordered some yong tau foo (jugek tiade gambo di sini..). I've always loved Bamboo Inn's Yong Tau Foo as it taste like the one you could get at Taiping.

Now you see why I said food is the love of my life?

Anyway, got this just now.. chumel tak?

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