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Friday, August 15, 2008

One year ago..

Semalam, kitorg (me, Irnis, ang Fadzil and Fared) went to the main campus of USM in Penang to meraikan our graduates. Yang di raikan termasuk lah Ramadhan and Salleh, both graduating with their masters degree.. Congrats!

Today, will be the day for the undergraduates from our campus so congratulations to Falha and Fahmi. I'm not going.. lari budget maaaaa! After paying the fees for my PhD, terase sedikit miskin dan rendah diri bagi diriku yang sememangnye rendah ("Bonsai" kate kak Shima hehe..)

Today is also exactly one year after I had my M.Sc convo. The picture above was taken, yup! Again, exactly one year ago. From left is Pojie, Fared (same Fared as the one who went with us yesterday.. so its his 'anniversary' too!), me, Erwan (tersorok sikit) and Leong. Heheh, rose among thorns! Picture was taken while the MC was saying, "..dan anda dilarang sama sekali mengambil gambar di dalam dewan ini!" Hahah.. budak² Awam yang degil!!!

It was a great event.. maybe coz I had to wait nearly a year after my viva for my convo. Lots of our friends came, not to mention the family yang konpem la datang kan! Gambar amik banyak giler.. bunge and adiah pun byk giler sampai tak cukup tangan nak membawaknye . I think I wrote an entry about it.. (tipu, dalam hati mmg tau ade tulis entry pasal konvo!)

Jap nak cari..


Tada!!! --> here

Was a great day walaupun pagi tu terkecoh² jugak la nak bersiapnye :) Went to pick up Pojie first as his parents had to check out first then rushed to USM. Luckily, I'm a supposedly Penangite so I knew which roads to take that weren't as busy! Nak pakai jubah pun can tuanggang terbalik, sib baik kak Shima and Nura helped me with that. Then spent a couple of hours trying to stay awake while there was a talk after a talk after another talk.. zzZZZZzzzzZZzz! The only thing that made me forget to be sleepy was when Erwan nudged me while asking me to spot WHO on the stage was SLEEPING with his mouth open (We were seated in the front row so we had a great view of the sleepy 'significant' on stage.. and believe me, there was more than one hahah..!)

When it was our turn, as usual, the wait was more longer than the event but we were satisfied and happy it was over. Pastu mule la jubah pun dah tak betul semua tu, tak yah control dah!

Then went out and took pictures.. and more pictures.. and more pictures! Heheh.. I sometimes think our friends were more excited than us, judging from the photos I keep.. and yes, I love them all for making it a great day!

Now a year has passed, new graduates are coming out from that hall and lots of things have changed. One person who had promised to come to my graduation didn't come but given the circumstances, I understand why and though I regret it, I'm not mad. One person I didn't really wanna see came into the graduation hall with me for the convo (Yup, the person was also a graduate!) hahah.. Things I felt that day, I still feel today, especially the good feelings.. and as for the not-so-good ones, they are better left buried and forgotten..

Thinking back on that day to today, I guess I've grown a lot in between.. and not only physically haha.. yup! I'm somehow gained some of the weight I lost a few months prior to the convo.. and I'd like to think that as a person, I've also grown. The path to be a better person still seems very steep, but I hope my baby steps towards it matters..

And as for the graduates: Congratulations!

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