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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Convo 2007.. finally!!! Hahah.. :)

How about that?

Ayu finally graduated?!?!!

Is it true.. or is it just the same thing she says every year? "I wanna graduate this year! I wanna graduate this year!"

OMG! It IS true!!!!! Hahaha..

Help!!! Seems like hell is freezing over as she did the impossible (Impossible for me la.. kacang je for everyone else :p)

Hehe.. yup! Finally (the word me and Aznor said at exactly the same time when we looked at each other in the DTSP haha.. we've been promising each other to graduate together EVERY YEAR but this year, our wish was granted, yeay!!) I'm officially over with my M.Sc studies. It felt so surreal, in fact, I wasn't in the spirit of graduating a few weeks prior to our convo.. but it actually is true haha..

Though I DID have a few problems, knowing that Umi was more excited than Abah about my convo but I couldn't possibly give her the invitation as I should give them to Mama and Abah (still, for a while I considered giving them to Mama and Umi instead haha..) Thankfully, Erwan gave me an extra ticket as his family couldn't come.. and I'm glad I gave them to Umi. As Mama said, Umi was excited for me :) and since Abah chose this day to ignore Mama (God! Why did he have to do that?). Thank God Annisa was allowed to go in, at least Mama had a 'friend' in there looking out for 'Ayong' graduating :) :) :)

Iwan and Adi couldn't come however.. though I don't really mind about Iwan not coming (nasty sister I am!!) His behaviour doesn't actually wanna make me look forward to meet him just yet.. and no, I'm not gonna talk about it in this blog.. Only those FEW people who know about HIS blog know why I'm mad at him right now.. well, not only me la whose mad at him right now! But thats another story.. However, I regretted not having Adi around as he's been one of those great supoorters for me throughout my M.Sc.. Still, he asked Izati to buy me flowers-the biggest bunch I got that day :)

Thanx Adi :) *though I don't seem to see the flowers in my smiling like crazy picture below!*

Even my cousin Nurul who had a class that day (she's in Management) came down there, mekasih ye Nurul.. :)

Yeah, coming outta the DTSP and being 'greeted' by the other postgrads was really something. Thanx to Farah, Dgon, Winnie, Puga, abg Fadzil, Ramadhan, Remy, Rashwan, Lie, Min, kak Ina (who actually didn't wanna come as she couldn't graduate this year hehe..), kak Kt, Yana, Helmi, Afizal (who handed me the flowers from Yokies and kak Maria.. waaah! My friends remember me even when they can't come :) ).. erkk, some students I don't quite catch their name but excitedly took pictures with me jugak hahah.. (Ayu, you sgt teruk laaaaa!!!)

And hey, thanx to kak Shima too for finally agreeing to gradute with me haha.. We've been housemates for almost 3 years, eversince before I started my M.Sc and we finally graduate together.. Sebenarnye, I'm thinking that I've forgotten so many names here haha.. well, lets just cross our fingers and hope those unintentionally forgotten names don't read my blog haha.. but thanx to all who came, took pictures with us, and gave me all those wonderful flowers, gifts and chocolates.. :) :) :) Sakit tangan oooo nak bawak sumer tu..

The next day was the convo for the mixed mode students (Pitot, Dgon, Puga..) and I met with Farah at the expo before going off to find our graduating friends. Here's Pitot, the sweet mother just as she came outta the hall..

Then off we went to find Dgon.. and luckily Puga was also there. Abg Fauzi and Shahril proceeded to interview them (I had run away from them yesterday as Shahril had already told me about them having to interview us haha..). Puga looke beautiful in her silver-grey sari and Dgon was all puckered up in her new lipstick she bought when going out with me and Jenet hehe..

Then I went to find kak Wahid (that was after I sent my robes kot?) and here's a picture of me and her family, along with her Parit Buntar friend whom I can't remember the name.. thanx for the lovely mug kak Wahid.. sayang la nak gune!!!

And to those who've been wondering WHO is Soraya.. behold! My long-time friend!!! This is the first picture in so many years I have with her haha.. doesn't look like a mum of two, huh? :)

When I first went into the room, her eldest son, Ayman greeted me by hugging my legs so tightly that I was a bit suprised as this is only the third time I met him (first when he was a new born, second at Baizurah's reception). Very friendly boy, but when I looked around again, he was already missing hehe.. His brother Ammar was a bit shy, I think.. or s it because he regards me as a stranger, huh?

By this time, my feet were killing me. Even Farah was tired following me around haha.. would you believe it, I sent my robes then went to Indah Kembara only to find out the ONLY the pictures and frames were to be collected there, the scrolls and transcript were to be collected at the IPS (which is just a few steps away from the robe storage room..) sheesh! Buat keje dua kali la pulak..

Adeh, by the time we headed back here, my body was already screaming bloody murder telling me I'm neglecting it haha.. Yup, I've also worn my heels (only an inch long, I think.. but thats a first for a flat-shoe-and-sandals person like me) for the two days straight and was I glad to finally wear my perfectly sensible flat sandals that night when I went for my class.. this is what happens when you leave your comfy foot wear at home by mistake..

It took me a few days to finally be in the mood to open my other gifts (Thanx Ajha, adiah 1st akak dapat tapi bukak nye lambat.. sayng nak bukak awal² :p) and here's a poyo me arranging them in my rented home.. minus the flowers I've hung up on the walls (and a few flowers form each bouquet which I pressed, hoping to make a collage outta it--rajin ke idak ntah?) and the choclates which are now in a nice basket on the dining table :)

*Still, nape la tak leh shake off rase terkilan dalam ati ni ye?? :'(*

P/S Oh ye.. there's so many picture I would've liked to put in here.. tp kang byk sgt plak so I'll just update them in my fotopages.. one day nnt haha..

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