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Thursday, August 02, 2007

100 000km and a few stiches.. *updated*

Know something?

My car has reached the 100 000km mark.. yeay!!

And to think that I thought this day would come like another 10 years hahah..

Its still hard to believe.. and those who knew me when I first got the car would understand. I was terrified of driving. I mean, really petrified. But I guess, that feeling has gone away totally now hehe.. I've driven my PFK throughout Peninsular Malaysia. From Perlis to Johor and to the East Coast of Kelantan and Terengganu, up the Banjaran Titiwangsa and all that.

I remember the first day I got my PFK 4 years ago (Gosh! Is it actually that long now?). I had gone to Lenggong with Amer, Medof, Lili and Hasni for the MIMOL project and when we came back, there was my car waiting for me.. okay, technically, its not my car fully yet. I still haven't paid Abah the full sum of my car, but from that first day, it has never been anyone elses car except mine :)

At first, I was afraid. I mean, I took my license only a few years back but I've never driven eversince. However, due to having to stay outside (more outta choice, it was getting a bit bored staying inside anyway-suare hati org tak sedo diri kene bayo sewa umah sorg² skrg hehe..) I knew I had to get a car, thus my PFK.

The first person other than me to drive it was Alem when they had to go to Lenggong the next week. I dunno why I trusted him even then as I had never even had a full conversation with this now lil' brother of mine.. plus, my car was still way under the 1000km mileage. Hehe, turns out my instinct then was quite right, I trust him till now :)

Anyway, PFK had taken me nearly everywhere I wanna go now. The only time I had to take a bus was when I had sent my PFK to the timing belt change and since I had to wait for more than 3 hours, I rather felt it was better for me to go and enjoy myself at Prangin so I took the bus..

I've ventured new places with her (her?) and gone to a lot of places with friends and loved ones.. and though sometimes I wishfully look at other cars (Ooohhh, the Honda Jazz and Nissan March have caught my eye hehe..), other than the fact I don't really have the money yet, I also love my PFK too much to wanna part with it yet..

*sigh* Guess all first cars do this to us, huh? :)


Okay, guess some of you are wondering WHAT THE HELL is the picture below hehe.. (Hmmm, me thinks, I'm being a bit of a narcissus here, thinking EVERYONE's wondering about what I'm gonna write about hahah..)

Anyway, the picture above is actually the lower part of a skirt I bought a few years ago. I loved the design and eventhough I noticed the high slit in front of it, I ignored it, thinking I'd sew it up or something.

However, being a not-quite-good-with-needlework type of person, I kept putting off doing something to the skirt UNTIL the day came when I gained those 10kg a few years back, making it impossible for me to wear the skirt (sew-up or not) without feeling conscious haha..

Then again, a few week ago, while clearing up my closet, I came up with this skirt again. I was suprised when I found out I could wear this skirt.. yeay! (Okay, this doesn't mean that I've lost the whole 10kg I gained.. but I guess I have lost a few, huh? Yippee!!!)

Still, the problem of the 'slit' was annoying me.. as can be seen here, its right upward my calf, nearing my knee. Anyway, Yun and Jenet gave me and idea, so..


Haha, this is what I did for nearly 3 hours.

Okay, I'm not exactly Martha Stewart, nor am I her long lost twin or something.. but hey, I tried my best.. so here, I have a wearable skirt heheh..


And whats this?

Thee hee, this is a present from Remy and Hana. They recently went on their second honeymoon at Sabah.. Wow! I'd like to go there someday.. I love pearls hehe.. owww, c'mon, pearls are like the most inexpensive kinda jewellery anyone could have!

Anyway, since Remy knew I loved collecting bracelets, he had asked if I wanted anything from Sabah but since I didn't actually have much money in hand, I wasn't sure if I could afford anything, especially since the convo coming up in a couple of weeks.

But suprises of suprises, I DID get something, compliments of Remy and his wife, Hana.. thanx!!! I love it :) :) :) I would've worn it to my convo if I hadn't planned on wearing something blue or green for my other new bracelet I bought a few months ago but haven't worn yet.. besides, though pearls are meant to be worn with anything, I don't think this colour compliments a blue-green outfit, do you?

Still, thanx to the both of them.. sgt chumel! I've even already worn it a couple of times :)

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