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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tagged.. lagi?!?! 8 Random Things About Me :)

Hmm.. I always pretend that I'm annoyed of tags. Truth is, sometimes I just plain love 'em heheh.. Especially when I've had no entry for a long time and I don't have any idea on what to write.

Anyway, a few days ago, Adi wrote a comment on my Yahoo! 360 saying that he had tagged me. A bit confused on what he meant, I took a visit to his blog and found this entry. Then I noticed Ana's comment and true to what I thought, Ana had also tagged me.. weiittt, tak aci la, mane leh due orang tag orang yg same.. no fair!!! Heheh..

So here's my entry on 8 random things about me.

Firstly, I noticed that Adi and Ana had posted a picture of themselves in the entry.. aiyak! Kene letak gambo sendiri ke? Hmm, I don't actually have any pictures of myself but since a lot of people say this picture of me during my convo shows me at the happiest (Happiest ke? Hmm.. dalam hati, sape la yang tau kan? <--Ape Ayu merepek ni? :D) I guess I'll just put this one la kot ye..

The Rules:

.:: Post these rules before you give the facts
.:: List 8 random facts about yourself
.:: At the end of your post, choose (tag) 8 people and list their names (linking to them)
.:: Leave them a comment on their blog letting them know they've been tagged!

8 Facts About Lil' Miss Nurikhwani Idayu :)

1. I'm a day-dreamer.. BIG TIME
Most of the time, I just wanna escape from the dark abyss of reality. But then again, I'm human and I know, this is the real thing. However, luckily for me, I've got a hell lot of imagination hahah.. thus, I lose myself in the labyrinth of the complex mind all of us have.. except, while some people chose to think about reality, I'd rather postpone those thoughts and go walk along the wonderland of sunshine and flowers!

Then, after a peaceful walk through my day dreams, sometimes (Yeah, I know.. ONLY sometimes je lah..), the world would seem so much friendlier, huh?

2. I blush too easily
Oh God! This must be a curse or something haha..

When I was younger, it was worse. The slightest thing would make me blush, earning me the nickname of Miss Red Riding Hood or Tomato and my friends just loved to tease me about anything they could, knowing I'd instantly have rose tints in my cheeks and I don't understand why they find it amusing when I find it a bit uncomfortable. I mean, it was as if I was announcing to the whole world, "Hey, I'm embarassed right now!"

Even a few months ago when Sentot was getting married. Someone commented (I'm sure its either Soraya or Baizurah herself) that they were afraid I'll be blushing even more than the bride when I became Baizurah's bridesmaid haha..

And I don't only blush, my face gets red even when I laugh, so much that even my students notice it. I once caught one boy looking at his watch intently after he had made a joke. When I asked why, he solemnly told me he wanted to record the time it took for my face to go all red when I laughed.. cett!!

3. I'm imsomniac
Yeah! This has been going on eversince I was in my teens. In fact, I used to pop pills that I knew would help make me sleep (NO! Not actual sleeping pills, but pills that you know would make you sleepy when you take them), without my parents knowledge, that is!

I was also such a light sleeper, that even on night I could sleep, the slightest noise (even the cats mating waaaaaaaaaaayyy out there or the owls hooting) would wake me up and it'll be a chore to make me go back to sleep.

Sheesh, when I think about it, it seems so.. stupid! Haha.. I mean, I'd toss and turn and when I can't stand not being able to sleep (It'll usually be around 3am by then..), I'd go downstairs and take those yellow pills. Already a drug addict in my teens, huh, heheh.. Mama would always wonder why those pills were always missing.

But I stopped doing that when I started my undergraduate studies.. besides, by that time, the end of each day was usually so exhausting, I'd sleep as soon as my head touches my pillow.

However, the past not-so-very-few months have been quite difficult as my imsomnia seemed to be coming back at full force. And I kinda hate it as when I can't sleep, my thoughts wander to the things I'd rather not think about. Luckily, I'm wiser this time to NOT resort to pills but to other measures that sometimes help..

..which leads to my next item on the list..

4. ..I hafta hug things (small pillow/soft toy) to go to sleep
Hahah! Yeah, I know, I'm 27 :D

Though I no longer sleep with all my soft toys and favourite cushion (the ones I still arrange on my made bed in the days are mostly tossed outta the bed when I sleep at night), I HAVE to have something I could hug before I go to sleep.. and since I don't have SOMEONE to hug (Ohhh.. kenape bunyi ayat ini sangat gatal!!! Hahah..), I resort to just a favourite toy or cushion. But I really MUST have (someone?? Hahah..) something to hug, or I just can't sleep at all.

Another thing is, I need to use a blanket no matter how hot the night is. I dunno why, but this has been a must for me eversince I was small, I just need to use a blanket and if it feels quite hot, I'd just switch on the fan at a faster speed.

Hmm, I suddenly have two theories on this. When I was small, I don't think I was that coward to be afraid of ghosts or monsters at night (unlike some people I could name hahaha..!!) But somehow, I hated the idea of if there ever was a ghost/monster, they'd be pulling at my toes. Another theory is, I've always had sneezing fits whenever I woke up in the morning eversince I was a kid. One day, I read this petua that this could be avoided by making sure our feet weren't cold when we sleep at night so I used the blanket to cover my feet.

I guess thats why I had to use a blanket when I was smaller, but the habit had already grown on me so I still need a blanket even now, and if there aren't any blankets, socks would do :)

5. I'm naively clueless nearly all the time
Hahah.. I thought of this suddenly right now. Something that happened to me a few months ago triggered this thought..

I always think that I know a lot of.. well, things. I mean, like I said, I blush too easily that I figured one way to help curb this was to make sure I was 'knowledgable' in some things that could make me blush in situations that.. God! What am I trying to say?

Lets put it this way: My close friends were mostly some guys I knew who just talked about whatever they wanted in front of me regardless of the fact that I was a girl. Yeah, I was a naive girl even in my early twenties but these guys don't care if I'm embarassed by what they say (in fact, sometimes they'd just say that to laugh at me when I pretend to not notice about what they're talking about) up to the extent that sometimes I manage to fake an I'm-not-embarassed face when they talk about whatever they wanna talk..

However, sometimes I find that I'm not THAT Miss-know-it-all, thus, resulting in embarassing situations that make me wish the earth would open up and swallow me whole. Sometimes, I'd even be eagerly listening to them, only to realize they were talking about things I'd rather not know haha..

6. I'm at the end of two extremes: I laugh a lot, and I cry just as much!
Whoooaaa, this is something I sometimes don't understand myself. To me, I'm someone who really loves to laugh. I can laugh at anything, then laugh at it again just as hard when I suddenly remember the joke again.

I love people with a good sense of humour, and who could see the joke.. well, not cruel jokes la! Tu sangat tak baik la.. but simple jokes that make you smile or burst out in laughter. I remember a guy who asked me what was wrong with him and I had to supress the urge to tell him he had no sense of humour whatsoever. I'd be laughing at him about something funny and he'd directly ask me, what was the joke. Sheesh! Thats annoying.. especially when millions of other people can see the joke clearly!

Sometimes I'd be reading something and my friends won't be suprised to hear me laughing out suddenly as I sat there alone with my reading material (magazines usually do the trick, but books have their moments too!). I've some friends, in fact A LOT of friends who are like that, and those are the people who appreciate some humour in their lives.. and I love them all for being that kinda person :)

And my students always comment on how much I love to laugh. The same class who timed the seconds it took for my face to go red also loved to count how many times I laugh throughout the class haha.. I can't even be mad at them for doing that coz those guys also love to laugh. Even my form 1 class tell me that laughter is infectious (so young, but they understand the importance of laughter) and they like it when we always laugh in class :) :) :)

However, I also love to cry.. not love as in 'like' but love as in 'always'. Sometimes, I think I'm mentally disabled in the emotions department as I seem to chose both extremes haha.. Luckily, though I seem to cry a lot too, I usually do this in the sanctuary of my room, in the comfort of my bed.. and NOT in public like how I love to laugh!

Enough said!

7. I've NEVER been in love haha..
Ohohoh.. Some people are gonna laugh at this :)

Well, I've had crushes on people for as long as I can remember and I've even managed to fall in love.. but to be really mutually in love, hmmm, I don't think so.. almost maybe, but 'almost' is just as equal to 'never', right? :)

God has other plans for me right now, I guess!

P/S to Baizurah: Don't even THINK of commenting on what you know I don't want you to comment publicly :p

8. I have no sense of taste in my tastebuds
I'm a hopeless case! Whenever my friends wanna have contests on whose favourite 'nasik ayam' is the best, they DON'T wanna make me the judge.

The reason: My response is always the same, "Ok je!"

Hahah.. really, I never find anything as 'tak sedap'. Okay, tipulah.. once in a while I stumble on something really tak sedap but most of the time, I find it okay. Even delicious food, I seldom find something betul² sedap.. but when I do, I'd haunt that place whenever I can hehe..

Even when cooking, people hate to ask me how does their cooking taste like as I'd always give my standard answer, "Ok je!" C'mon la, 'okay je' to me means sedap laaaa.. When I say 'tak sedap' je it means 'tak sedap' (Which I actually find a bit hard to do as I always find everyone elses cooking better than mine haha..). Sangat jarang I'd say 'sangat sedap' la, just as jarang as I'd say 'tak sedap', as I reserve that for the food I'd go ga-ga over.

The same thing happens with my own cooking. I cook and if I THINK it tastes fine, then its ok with me. But don't ask me to cook for people haha.. I'm not confident enough as my tastebuds are like this. Like I said, whats okay with me might not be okay with others so usually I avoid cooking for other people.. except at home la for my family :D

Once, when going out for a bite at this new restaurant, we ordered different things and shared it amongst us so we could taste the different dishes. As usual, everyone would ask, "Sedap tak?" at everone elses dish. Then one friend said, "Jangan tanye Ayu, dia sumer dia rase ok!" Haha.. should I be offended or should I laugh?

I choose the latter :)

And for the 8 people I'm gonna tag.. Hmmm, lets see:
1. Sentot
2. Soraya
3. Ayeen (I'll get to your link later :p)
4. Syuhada
5. Amer
6. Yuhyi
7. Pojie
8. Aiman (?) (Your's too!)

Btw, I found this picture in an old folder. Guess not many people have seen me in my spectacles which I actually ONLY where during class or presentations. I look like a mak cik lah hehe..

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