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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Congrats Spy :)

Seem like the warning of "Jangan langkah bendul" is beginning to become old news haha.. Last Saturday, another junior of mine had his kenduri.. Spyder a.k.a Spy a.lesser.k.a Khairul Nizam (?).. huhu, just gotta know his REAL name.

Like most of the others whom I close with, I got to know him during MIMOL nearly 5 years ago. Even then, I could see how enjoyable his company is. He, along with Sahar could turn everything you say into a song, complete with a dance routine. And suprisingly, he is very soft-spoken and polite despite the sing-and-dance impromptu they always do together that could make you feel he is one of those 'gile²' type.

I went with Salimin, Azam and one of their friends whom I dunno the name (btw, Azam is one of the juniors I said I forgot his name in the last entry haha..). When we arrived, we noticed Spy outside of the hall, still waiting for his bride, Nisa', whom I also know, who was having problems as the car she and her family were using suddenly had a breakdown in the middle of the highway. Up there is a picture of Spy and me. Sile jangan tertipu dengan ketinggian Spy di dalam gambar itu hehe.. He's TALL, and I'm not only saying that coz I'm short!

We waited along with him for a while but after a few minutes, it was apparent that Nisa' would be rather late so we went to feast on the yummy food. Hmm, nasik kenduri is always yummy, huh? :)

Anyway, truth is, Spy sorta expected Nisa' to be very late as it was already 2 something by then so when we wanted to take pictures, he wanted to take them at the hidang pengantin table so that he's at least have a picture there haha.. I guess Nisa' must've arrived towards the end of the kenduri, if not missing it totally (this is because even when it was nearly 3, she still was at the Sg Perak R&R and the kenduri was supposed to end around 4pm anyway).. Takpe la Spy, dah selamat nikah dah pun :)

Still, congrats to you, Spy! May you lead a happy life with Nisa' :)

P/S This is what we got there. The bunge telur was made from paper cups shaped like a Japanese Crane (Hmm, creative!) and we got the now-custom face towels everyone seems to be giving out now :)

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