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Thursday, August 07, 2008


I'm supposed to have a day off today. Doing nothing but watching reruns of House (which reminds me: I went to Feringghi to buy the complete 4th season but just my luck, the police were doing a patrol hahahah.. tu la Ayu, buat 'jahat' lagi :p) then going for Cikgu Wan Shukri's form 4 class tonight.. but I got a phone call requesting me to go to USM for a suprise..

I'd like to say I'm excited, but mostly I'm confused! I mean, as far as the perasan me is concerned, the only person I know who loves to suprise people is ME! So its kinda weird when the girl told me it was from a friend who wanted to suprise me.. and this is actually the kinda thing I would've done.. NOT my friends! So yes, I'm confused..

The only person I can think of is kak Maria who sometimes brings me teddy bears (eventhough she was the one pregnant then..) and even 'kain' for baju kurung..

We'll see..

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