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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Still smiling..

Funny how when something makes you sad, you can still hide it.. once.. twice.. trice.. but once you can't hide it any longer, it feels as if you'd never feel happy..

But say amidst feeling low and down and sad and miserable, ONE thing comes up to make you smile.. you find yourself smiling for days heheh..

Kak Ana smsed me this morning while I was doing my laundry and told me she had updated her fotopages. For all of you, her complete fotopages can be found at my side bar, but the entry she wanted me to see was this. To kak Ana, saya ngajar kat sini bukan as lecturer but as a graduate assistant je, saya ni budak baru belajar.. But thanx, gambar di fotopages kak Ana (as can be seen above) cantik compared to the ones I took using my phone (as can be seen below hehe..)! And also, thanx for the smiles (which also applies to Ana, Adi and Mael!)

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