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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Roller coaster day

The day started ok enough, I guess..

Was avoiding someone, so in order to avoid this someone, I had to meet another someone. Somehow, the other someone came late. And when the other someone arrived, the first someone was the someone who told me the other someone had just arrived. I wonder why the other someone had asked the first someone to inform me? It was a bit awkward as I usually meet the first someone. And now, THIS someone a.k.a Me dah pening bace ayat² di atas hahah.. (Feeling sad and guilty..)

Anyway, felt a bit.. dumb? I dunno, not really comfy after that but just sat quietly in my cube minding my own business. Oh, almost forgot! Yesterday I had bought some cupcakes from kak Wan again. Yummy carrot and walnut with cream cheese topping.. though only one entered my tummy.. and bagus jugak! Been feeling a bit heavy nowadays hehe.. Distributed the rest to my 'family' here.. and they loved it! Bleh la order lagi ye, kak Wan :) (Feeling really happy!)

Then got a letter that should be a blessing but I took as a catastrophe in disguise! Panik².. Didn't know what to do then Dr Hamidi was also MIA so didn't know who to ask. On other circumstances, I would've loved this letter.. but not now. Though I was touched that Dr Hamidi wanted to help me, thus THE LETTER! And thus the starting of the roller coaster of feeling panicky, touched, happy and worried :D

Solat pun tidak khusyuk! Had to re-pray (Uhhh, Ayu making up her own words again!) as midway I forgot how many rakaat I had performed.. teruk sungguh! Then went up to see Dr Hamidi and had Dr Sanusi calling me to set my teaching schedule. Told him about my problem and he laughed, "Orang nak bagi duit pun you tak nak ke, Ayu?" (Feeling stupid and as if I made a mountain outta an anthill)

Still, I accepted the Geomatic class (Ayu perasan dia masih ingt Geomatics hahah..) and will start on Monday and already begged Zabidi to give me a clue on the next class haha.. Truth is, it was a choice between Strength of Materials and Geomatics. Both are not my strong subjects but at least I enjoyed Geomatics in my first year so naturally, I chose that particular subject. Hey, if I'm gonna spend the next few months living and breathing in the classes, trust me, I WON'T choose Strength of Materials! Anyway, Dr Sanusi asked me to meet Pn Mona on the issue, and she too laughed at me. (Feeling not really prepared for the class.. and feeling malu sbb asyik kene gelak!)

Adeh! Truth is, as far as my knowledge on the matter, its wrong.. but in the long term, its better than what I have now. Still, I'm obliged to stay till December so agak panik. But Pn Mona assured me it was okay and though I'm still not convinced, at least I feel a bit relieved that InsyaAllah I won't be off the list. And yes, also a bit malu since I had cause a storm in a tea cup by asking the opinions of kak Ja and kak Ros and abg Fadzil beforehand. (Like I said in this paragraph.. feeling relieved and ashamed!)

Now that the matter is solved (at least to me la since they told me tak yah pk dah), I'm feeling a bit blue balik though a bit gladly suprised to see Cikgu Farah coming to school after such a long time away. I'm also reading the manual for Geomatics that Zabidi told me to understand while crossing my fingers that he's not pulling my leg and make me embarassed on Monday when I realize I've read the wrong thing.. (Feeling a bit blue, a bit suspiscious and a bit glad!)

Somehow, I don't think the roller coaster ride is over yet. My heart tells me something else might just happen before the day ends and I'm NOT looking forward to another plunge in the day and since I only have my form 1 class after this, I'm suspecting they're gonna be trouble for me today..

Uhhh, Ayu sangat negative today hahaha.. (Feeling negative!!! Hahah..)

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