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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just to show I'm still alive haha.. (as if anyone cares!)

Yup! Came back alive and kicking from the Sg Sedim - Sg Pinang Expedition. Was meaning to do an update on THAT but just not in the mood. Plus, I don't have the picture for it anyway.

Had a wonderful time.. hari² tanpe memikirkan PhD ku yang sudah lame ditinggalkan ini huhuh.. I loved and hated the kids all at the same time :) But this morning, I got to wake up late.. yeay! Hahah.. no more waking up earlier that usual. Still, I kinda miss the noise..

..AND my whole body has been screaming in protest. Courtesy of an unfit me. Gile tul, sungguh lame tak exercise so padan la jugak ngan muke kan. Even today pun, my legs are still a bit sore from the 'panjat'ing and 'turun'ing from various levels of the land. But haven't felt better in months.. so thats ok.. I guess.

Anyway, as I had last year here, of course la I will update. Tunggu photos from the cameras assigned to us (Yes, each group got their own camera.. gile byk duit deme nih!). But takde la my photos hahah.. sy kan pemalu org nye tak suke amik gambo. Besides, sgt can harap to abg Fauzi to take my pictures at my worst moments haha.. tunggu je la gambo from him and from Mazlan la kot nih. Tgk le camne..

Anyway, I'm off to class (Such bliss.. I missed class for three days and I can't believe I actually enjoyed missing class hahah.. cikgu yang tuang kelaih, apa nak jadi niiii?!?!)

To Bai, Bart, Misa and Ami.. sy belajaq expression baru laaa.. 'panaih lit lit'. Believe it or not, budak JOHOR yang ajo me this expression hahah..

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