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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blog bersawang ini.. :p

Ye, saya tau.. blog sy bersawang giler.. mahu diupdate tetapi tiade mase lagikkkk.. ni pun baru pas tolong bebudak ni angkat barang for tomorrow!

Ade ape ye esok?

Heheh.. tomorrow would be the 2nd time for our Sg Sedim-Sg Pinang Expedition. Tak tido sy siapkan modul untuk budak² ni.. tp hasil akhir, sy puas hati. Sbb? In the midst of helping Leong correct her student's thesis (yg almost a nightmare itself.. reminds me of my own thesis-writing period), helping Dr Taksiah with the IBS booklet and my owm serabutness, I got to produce a 50-page module hehe.. Tahun lepas around 30 pages but tahun ni dapat la tambah. Thanx to Sha (yg contributed a few pages), Arep (yg help me with ideas and lagu), Rahim (yg bg sumbangan idea disaat² kritikal) and Amir (tukang lukis dari tahun lepas lagik). Gile oooo, 2 mlm tak tido woooo..

Anyway, yesterday was the final preparations for it and arini relax sit, only a few lil' things. Then tomorrow morning will see us going to SKPJ to pick up the kids and thus start a 4-day expedition like last year.

This time around, we have 'junior facilitators' who were previous participants of the project last year. I was the one to distribute the groups and I didn't realize that I got both budak² yg bes hehe.. yeayyy!

Anyway, I'll be away from the PC for 4 days..

No Neopets..

No Pet Society..

No Travian..

No Restaurant City..

No Barn Buddy..

No blog..


I hope its worth it!!

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