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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Entry jumble-mumble hehe..

Its 1am and I'm still in school..

Hehe.. actually I just arrived around 11pm tadi. Came home after tuition and realized my whole housing area as well as my jirans in Taman Sempadan were in the dark. Huh, ape tadek letrik niiiii.. I wanna watch TV!

I solat² and trus head to school. Had some work to do pun but was planning on coming after midnight. Oh well, what does a two-hour differance make pun kan? (TWO favourite TV shows.. thats what!!)

I've been reading and correcting Younes's thesis for quite a while now and wanna do some non-academic reading/writing.. thus, this jumbled-up entry. So bear with me please..

..eleeee Ayu. Macam la org bace sgt blog awak ni!! Heheh..


Last week was a 'serabut' week for me *sigh*

Was insomniac and lazy (though thats is NOT a suprise la kan) and just wanted to stay and home and sulk :D

However, one 'perk' in the week was a PARCEL! Yeay! I ♥ parcels.. and don't lie! Who doesn't love them kaaaannnn :)

Fared was the one who told me about it right before our meeting. I quickly went to abg Joe with this large sengih on my face and before I could ask him, he handed me this box..

Ape ek?

Yeay! My mini chopper akhirnye sampai! :D

Actually, I won't waste money on these kinda things. But it so happened that my Bonuslink points were about to expire. I browsed through some things and found this item to be on the 'points-knockdown' list. After going through the other things I could redeem from my points, I decided the chopper was the most 'attractive' item on my list hehe..

Anyway.. jom tgk BILE la Ayu nak gune mende alah ni kan (Still dlm kotak kat umah hahahah..)


As I said earlier, last week was full of I-cannot-sleep nights. On Wednesday night, I was at wits end trying to force myself to sleep dan sungguh tak berjaye. Ended up opening the fridge looking for an early morning (Read: 2am) snack (mane tak tembam!)

Anyway, as I was trying to figure out what to put in my sandwich, my eyes fell on the tub of butter I got free a few weeks ago for buying some cream cheese. Then I started counting the eggs I had in my fridge. A little while later, I found the bottle of Sunquick orange that was partly hidden on the kitchen counter.. and finally I located the self-raising flour I had bought earlier.

C'mon, reading all those ingredients, everyone should already know what I did that morning! Right?!?!


Heheh, Mama's not-so-secret Orange Cake a.k.a ngelat-gune-sunquick-orange cake :D

THIS is my first time baking a cake (baked cheesecake aritu tak kire) When I was smaller, Mama loved making cakes to the point I was bored of it hahah.. Cakes NEVER interest me, I was more a cookie gal! Any cake Mama did was finished by the family but I'd only take a wee bit of it.. sometimes I didn't even take a bite. My friends also loved Mama's cake, but not me. Not that I didn't like the taste, I was just NOT a cake-person..

..the only cake I'd eat was the honey muffins I used to make. Tu pun I got tired of it quickly but didn't mind making them whenever there was a request. I loved baking them.. but to eat them was another story altogether.

Anyway, that morning I suddenly remembered this cake. Though Mama was the one usually whipping it up, I sometimes helped so ingat la jugak sikit kan but had to confirm the measurement of the ingredients with Mama first (bertuah punye anak tanye soklan camtu kul 2 pagi!)

Still, kali ni ade beze. If dulu I used an electric mixer, kali ni I pukul gune hand mixer je, babe! Hahah.. baru tau penat lelah! (Kunun, padehal tak mampu nak beli electric mixer :p) Kirenye my hand mixer tu (which incidently I also got from redeeming Bonuslink points) mmg berjase sungguh laaaaa..

Though I had lost touch in the baking cake department but the cake turned out okay.. yeay!

And guess what: Since I had only used half a tub of butter, I made another batch of cake mix and baked another cake while the first cake cooled on the rack! Hahaha.. mati la nak ngabiskan hehe..

After Subuh, a considerably sufficient time for the cakes to cool down, I was happy but pening on WHO to give the cakes. I had cut them into quarters (quite large quarters jugak tuh) so I had 8 foil-wrapped cakes.. eh silap! 1 quarter I took for myself la kan hehe.. (though tadi bwk ke school jamu kawan² :p)

So I had another 7 la kann and quickly decided to give one part each to Shahril, Lah, Pojie, kak Hafsah, kak Jah, Ija and HiTEG. Selesai masalah heheh..

Hmm.. maybe I WOULD try other cakes lepas nih hehe..


Tadi sy lapo nak makan nasik tomato. Sy pun pegi Bamboo Inn.. tp sy nmpk satu bende yg lazaaaaaaaattt.. apekah itu?

Jeng.. jeng..

Heheh.. Yong Tau Foo Taiping! Kak Nurul, recipe diberi blum try pastu pi beli kat kedai plakkk.. Aparaaa Ayu ni, mntk recipe bkn main lagik kan kak Nurul :D

Takpe², InsyaAllah akan di try.. takkan sia² kan usehe kak Nurul bg recipe kuah Yong Tau Foo kat sy :D

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