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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Absent Minded.. again!

(This post was published to Ayu's Piece of Mind.. at 2:43:27 AM 6/10/2009) <-- Yeay! Jadik hehe..

Here I am in school for another morning. Actually, its quite fun haha.. WHEN I have things to do that I can manage without making a fool outta myself (which fyi, my thesis does to me! Even opening a Word file for my thesis makes me feel stupid haha..)

Sebenaq nya tgh ‘perak buiyyy’ ni <-- lame attempt at ckp Penang hehe.. I just discovered I can publish my blog from my Word file trus dengan satu click sahaje so entry ini adelah experiment ye kot jadik ke tak :D

Anyway, this morning I did a somehow stupid thing la jugak.. uhhh, kesian mereke yg tidak bersalah huhu..

I’ve always thought that I’m a night person. During my MSc writing stage, I could only write in the wee hours of the morning (midnight right to Subuh). I’d only drag myself home at Subuh, perform my solah THEN take my beauty sleep (still 6 hours la jugak so I can’t possibly call it a nap kan?). Tengahari come back to school but just to check if Dr Wan has checked what I had submitted (Yes! It was on a DAILY basis.. sungguh rajin supervisor ku itu hehe..), which he usually has. I’m a bit amazed though, he was the then Dean and VERY busy but still sempat check my thesis.. magic ape tah dia pakai! And its not the sekali-lalu type of checking. He’d notice a missing letter or the slightest misspelt word. Scary!!

I was so into this ‘nite-mode’ thingey that Lie called me Kupu² Malam, oblivious to its meaning. He had actually thought it meant ‘orang yang kuat kerje w/pun di waktu malam’. I was horrified when he called me THAT hahah.. When I asked him if he knew what it meant, pecah perut rase nak gelak hahah.. baper kali dia mntk maaf sbb he thought he had offended me. Ai laaaa, Lie Lieeeeee heheh..

Back to yesterday. I finally finished checking Younes’s thesis around Subuh. I was a bit sleepy then and was only thinking of my bed back home so I quickly emailed Leong and Younes and told them about the file. As I clicked ‘send’, I could imagine my katil and bantal memanggil² so I switched off my pc, went home and performed solah before I just sorta ‘melted’ into my bed J My phone was switched of and I had a blissful 5-hour solid sleep, feeling satisfied that Younes would be able to do his corrections and send his thesis by the time I woke up..

..but was I SO wrong!

I woke up and noticed 16 missed calls from Younes. I also got two text messages. One from Younes and another from Leong asking me to send ‘Chapter 5’. Still groggy from sleep, I replied telling her it was all in one file and I had not separated the files. Then, Younes called me and OMG!

I was cursing myself when I put down the phone. I had actually sent an empty attachment-less email to both of them this morning. And while they tried to contact me to tell me about this, I was sleeping peacefully at home. Kesian Younes, a wasted morning for him just because of my stupid mistake (Ironically, one of the songs I was listening to while correcting his thesis was Gareth Gates Anyone of Us (Stupid Mistake)! Duhhhh..)

Sangat malu huhu..

Apologized again and again to Leong and especially to Younes since he was planning to finish all corrections ASAP as he wanted to go back to Iran also ASAP. Luckily for me, they know how absent minded I am so they understood my honest mistake! Still, sy sgt malu bile ingat balik.. rase mcm manusia yang tak bertanggungjawab langsung.

When I sent the file for the second time (tipu.. the EMAIL ye la second time but the file baru first time la sbb tak attach pagi tadi), I made sure I had attached the correct file!

*Sheesh* When weill I grow outta this clumsiness pun tatau!

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