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Friday, June 26, 2009

From Leong and Chipunk :)

Yes, I know.. I just posted an entry tadi and now I'm posting another one thee hee.. but I just got 2 v.nice suprises and can't resist sharing them..

First one from Leong. I had helped her (sampai tak tido malam oooo..) correcting a students thesis. Actually tak kisah sgt pun since my own research cam on freeze mode haha.. so what better way than to while the time away kan? At least I can brush up on my scientific writing.

Besides, my MSc pun I owe a lot to her.. so I didn't actually mind. But somehow she still felt like she needed to show her appreciation to me so she bought something and had text me telling me about it. I had made up my mind to return it to her since I NEVER gave her anything after my MSc. But when I saw it..

..alamak! I fell in love with it laaaa.. tak dapat nak pulangkan hahah..

Sangat chumel! Goes with my bag and purse that kak Shima, kak Kathy and kak Zura had bought me a few years ago for my birthday. Except yg diorg punye is light beige in colour, and this time around I got something darker in colour.. but still chumel!

Thanx Leong :) :) :)

Next one is while blog hopping. Suda brape hari tak blog hopping and rase sgt gatal tangan clicking around in my usual blogs. Then I noticed Aida a.k.a Chipunk (sy sorg je kan panggil awak Aida? Heheh..) asking me to go to her blog.

Upenye she gave me an award.. yeay! Thanx Aida :) Sy sgt suke..

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