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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sg Sedim-Sg Pinang Expedition

Heheh.. In this entry, I'll be overwhelming it with pictures hahah.. Ni pun kire dah tapis byk gambo oooooo..

Well, this project started when Dr Ismail and his wife kak Nab a.k.a Dr Nabsiah wanted to organize and environmental awareness programme for primary school kids. Remy was asked to help them and in turn, he asked us for help. There was a whole lot of us.. me, Puga, Fared, Salleh, Rahim, Irnis and Amir.

We had a month to prepare.. and in the preparation, a lot of unpleasant things happened but just let me share the not-so-unpleasant ones, k..

This is a picture of us a day before the programme. The whole team-yang-buat-keje (will be known as TYBK after this!) was there arranging the students files, t-shirts, making the book marks, printing the modules (made by yours truly heheh.. and my group la of course!), name tags bla.. bla.. bla.. notice how rajin we looked hahah..

Here is our little helper, Umar.. or known more as the mini Irnis and Rahim. Cute ain't he? Baik je duduk senyap kat mak dia (Ayu tipu.. dia sibuk nak semua ikan kat dalam bilik dr Mail malam tu heheh.. tp dia kaco mak dia je!)

The next morning, me, Puga and Amir took the USM bus to Sek. Keb. Pauh Jaya (SKPJ) to pick up the students. Me and Puga took charge of one bus each with me and the boys and Puga with the girls. I thought I got the easy one as boys are not the ones who are usually motion sick, but turned out, my bus la budak² manje..

"Kak Ayu, saya pening..!"

"Kak Ayu.. saya nak muntah!" <--and sure enough budak tu did THAT! Adeh! Terpakse picit kepale dia sambil tahan hidung.. Ohhh, tidak, kak Ayu nye pulak rase loya hahah..

And this picture here is part of my charges that day..

Arriving at the Sg Sedim area, we had to wait for vans to come pick us up. I told the boys, ladies go first so as a result, I also had to go later.. ceh! Tak caye, sile lihat gambo di bawah. Dari kanan: Amir, Rahim, Fared and Irnis suda siap bervest and topi.. dan Ayu masih tiade ape² di tangan yang menunjukkan dia adelah fasi..

Ini adelah gambo Ayu finally memakai vest yang tertinggal dalam kete Salleh. Topi ilang entah ke mane tah mase ni but you can see Rahim and Puga in fasi gear heheh.. we were waiting for the first activity: the Tree Top Walk. Wish I had pictures of that tapi kamera ku tiade di tangan mase ni.

The Tree Top Walk pade mulenye me and Puga thought it would be boring. Quite nice la.. they had this bridge-like structures built so we'd be level with the tree tops, but if there was no animals, it'd be quite boring after a while. Still, I didn't expect I'd enjoy it with my group as they ooh-ed and aahh-ed at everything. We were lucky enough to catch some monkeys (they say its the Siamang!) playing with each other and Rahim told me my group was the happiest one hahah.. Tengok le fasi dia yang suke gelak itu hahahah..

Lupe plak, down here is the picture of my group. Kumpulan Sungai Hiliran, Terengganu! The one in orange is actually a teacher as each group gets a teacher and fasi. From the left: Farah, Nadia, Nadzatul, Huda, Alia, cikgu Firdaus, Naufal (in red), Hanif yang chumel, Akmal (in white), Naeem yang mengada² memalukan kak Ayu dia ngan buat hal macam² (tall one at the back) and Muaz (in stripey t-shirt), who is actually the son of Dr Farhan's PhD student, En Baderul Amin.

After the Tree top Walk, we had lunch and prayers then went to do some Water Quality tests that were VERY exciting, fasi pun seronok. The JPS was in charge here so me and Firdaus became participants too instead of the guides. We also did some Bio-Indicators where we were to look for organisme (with the help of Salleh who found a river prawn for us!). Sangat seronok masuk air sebenonye heheh..

That night we had a camp fire while listening to Dr Mail's talk. Then JPS took over, discussing about the program we did that afternoon. Here is me and Irnis, smiling happily walaupun sebenonye time ni sgt penat.. dan marah! Heheh..

Next morning had some exercise to get us ready for the Educational Jungle Walk (EJW). If you look carefully, you can see me and Irnis doing the Dragon Ball bergabung thingey hahah.. Tanpe sengaje ye heheh..

Halfway through the EJW, the forest rangers suddenly asked us to go down this slope using the crawling trees as our guide. Giler tul! I was in charge of the activities and I DIDN'T KNOW about this. Tapi nak cover depan student, buat la jugak heheh..

But I kinda liked the activity with the rangers. They taught us about the trees and their differances. Measured tree trunks and observed leaves, the bark and all that. Then we did a herbarium where students were asked to find leaves and tie them in sample cards the label it accordingly. I found it the most interesting activity as it was only then that all the students opened up to us :)

That afternoon we went to USM in Penang for our next activities. That night we had the opening ceremony of the program. Boring as usual la.. Except when TYBK served the students la (as usual.. ni pun satu sbb utk marah but biar la kaann..) By then I was known as "kak Ayu yang suke bg kitorg makan sayur" as every meal would find me spooning veges to them while saying "Sape nak handsome/lawo, sile makan sayur" hahah..

Next day went to Botanical Gardens to see the punca Sg Pinang which was a beautiful waterfall. Who would've guessed, it was VERY different from Sg Pinang itself. We had to hike for half an hour (cam tipu je time frame tu heheh..) to a bukit sgt tinggi. The students were complaining and I had to become their cheerleader w/pun sendiri suda semput haha..

This is us as the Loji Rawatan Air Terjun. Muke memasing penat and cari air. Sib baik Remy came with cartons of water hehe..

Then took another hike to go to the waterfall itself. Btw, this is me and cikgu Firdaus (sblm tu, cikgu ni pangkat adik² ye, Amer! And I insisted he call me kak Ayu too..!) Kitorg dah sgt tak larat time ni tapi kene control buat cam tak penat heheh.. terre tak kitorg.. muke tak nmpk penat pun kan?!?! Heheh..

And tadaaaa.. this is the waterfall! Nampak tak muke Puga riang gembire bile dah sampai kat atas (sbb dia pun penat gak heheh..!)

Ni pulak is the only husband-wife team on TYBK.. Rahim and Irnis :)

After some briefings and all that, we went to Botanical Gardens for the next activity which was supposed to be relaxing. We had picture and the student were asked to find the plants in the drawings and colour them accordingly. Upenye it was antara activity paling penat where students went missing after being distracted by the monkeys.. adeh! Nak pengsan cari diorg! Tambah plak when something happened that made me nearly blow my top! Ade ke saje tempah maut, penat org cover his ass, pastu dia buat leceh plak.. mengong tul! Tp bak kate Salleh, dia budak lagi..

Hehe.. this is Muaz when he thought no one was watching heheh.. he got the 'Peserta Paling Ceria' award, though..

After that we had a slot with Jabatan Alam Sekitar where Irnis, Puga and Fared (the environmental engineers amongst us) had a chance to gawp over the tools bought by JAS hehe.. then we went to the actual stinky and black Sg Pinang to do some tests. Ade je gambo nye tapi dah malas nak kecikkan so I'm not putting any here :p

The last day was filled with students scrapbook presentation and all that. We had an award ceremony for all sorts of categories but guess who got Fasi Terbaik hahah.. kire tak aci la kan, fasi pun 5 org, tapi boleh la hahah.. truth be told, the students also said, Kak Ayu ni garang! What with me being the only fasi without a hailer and still my voice was louder that the other fasilitators. Eleee, panggil orang garang pun, ape sikit budak² ni cari kak Ayu yang garang tu jugaaaakkk heheh..

Anyway, during lunch, most students pretended to be suprised when I gave out the chicken instead of the veges hahah.. teruk tul budak² ni! Heheh.. and here is the picture of the complete TYBK. From left: Remy, Fared, Amir, Puga, Ayu (Sheesh! I'm not the shortest, am I?), Salleh, Rahim and Irnis.

All in all, I enjoyed the program and the student.. but as with the other TYBK, we HATED a whole lot more parts of it. Still, we're 'professionals' heheh.. Don't think the students and teachers knew there was something under the surface. Had fun of course.. even if I'm being 'stalked' by the students now who managed to get hold of our hone numbers without us giving them out hahah.. jap je tu, 2-3 minggu nnt, benti la diorg :D

Would I do it again?

Hmm.. it'll need some thinking..

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