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Monday, June 09, 2008

My Trustworthy 'Friend'

This entry is actually an answer to my friend's question a few days ago:

A friend once asked me, what product do I use for my skin care? And another friend's blog had this tag on beauty secrets.. Or rather, more than a few of them have this tag and frankly, though I love tags, this kind of tag is one I'd rather not answer since I don't have any special 'thingeys' to do when it comes to skin care.. BUT, I do have something, a not-so-secret 'something' that I've always liked to use and have never stopped using since I was first introduced to it.

Then, a few days ago, I went with Sharil and Mat to Sunway Carnival. I had to buy this not-so-secret item as mine was almost to its last drop. And as I was paying, Mat commented on how 'delicious' my not-so-secret item looked like to him.. and I almost laughed out loud as that was actually what I had first thought about it too!

For this, I have to thank kak Wahid. Me and kak Wahid have been close friends throughout our degree and our main problem was our skin. No matter what I tried, my skin was always oily by 10am. Still, being students and all that, we never really pondered on this problem much.

Anyway, another friend, Awa, commented on her own skin. She had scars and all that and didn't know what to use. Then one day, after not seeing kak Wahid for a long time, we were suprsied to see that she kinda looked different. Thinking she had fallen in love (Cheesy thoughts on 'You'd look beautiful if you're in love hahah..!), we teased her until she told Awa to try the product she was using. I still wasn't convinced though so Awa alone went with kak Wahid to the consultants of this product.. and she came back with bagsful of the Blemish Control set for this product. I just looked at her, thinking she was a bit insane to go all out for this product we only knew about from ONE friend..

But within two weeks, we saw the differance in her and by then, I was itching to try. Especially when I heard kak Wahid had also manage to 'convert' Cik Wa to be a user too. I went alone though, to the counter in Prangin Mall and was greeted by this very nice consultant who helped me choose which one was best for me.. though I was a bit annoyed to find out I was categorized as a set III user.. ughhh! Was hoping my skin was better than that.

I was lucky when I first tried it, they were having this promotion. Where you had jumbo sets of the 3-step and also miniature sets for travelling.. all at not even RM200, which to cheapskate me, was a bargain! Yeah, I also got two cute bags thrown in the offer too.. Very nice!

Thus, started my journey with these trustworthy friends of mine. First time I wore it, I fell in love with the Clarifying Lotion (which is the not-so-secret item I mentioned above.. seriously, you know la kan how 'colourful' those toners are.. wasn't suprising when Mat found them to be 'delicious'! In fact, first time I saw them, I wanted to choose the colour hahah..) Seriously rasa sangat berbeza! I literally felt my skin glow haha <--Okay, too graphic kot my description. but its true.

The soap took a while la for me to fall in love with. I've been used to using facial foams so when I change to 'a bar of soap' it was a bit.. different! But now, I won't choose any other cleanser. I tried the liquid cleanser once when it first came out, but I found out I didn't quite like it. I'll stick to my 'bar of soap', thank you!

No comments for the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion since I've hated moisturizers from the day MAMA told me I HAVE to wear it even if my skin is already on the oily side. Still, its better than other moisturizers I've been using since I only have to wear a tiny bit. I prefer the Gel though.. but I still hate moisturizers as whole!

And believe it or not, after a month of using it, Hasrul (who ALWAYS comments on how unlady-like I am) commented on my skin. Not that I didn't notice la, but I thought I was just being biased heheh.. then had a few juniors commenting too which kinda made me feel a bit vain for a while hahaha..

After a while, I managed to convince both my housemates on this product, especially the 3-Step.. and they in turn managed to convince our mutual friend. By now, I've had numorous friends asking me about it and I'm always happy to tell them my not-so-secret secret.. especially about my not-so-secret item which I love the most. Even Irnis is planning on trying it, and also kak Chah as she had asked kak Win to ask me about the 3-Step (and I think kak Win also wanted to try!)

So, aside from my living and breathing friends, these are my trustworthy friends! Thank God the first time I tried it, there was an offer coz stringey me wouldn't have tried it if not.. I guess la!

Know something else.. Clinique should give me some royalty or something, tul tak.. hey, free advertising ape! After this, sape nak tau pasal Clinique, I'm gonna just forward the URL to this entry.. aci tak?

And to Sharil and Mat: There ARE products for men tau! :) Sile² try hehe..

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