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Monday, June 23, 2008

Belajar bende baru..

Last weekend, me and Ija joined this class for Photoshop and Dreamweaver at ILP Nibong Tebal. it was supposed to be for the staff of School of Civil Engineering but since it was during the weekend, not all staff could go.. thus, abg Shidi roped in me and Ija..

The class was rather interesting.. for someone with zero knowledge like me la heheh.. at least I now understand Adi a bit more better la kot hehehe..

Sebenarnye I dunno what to write about this workshop heheh.. nak citer belajo ape, panjang sangat plak jadiknye nanti. But it was fun..

Hahah.. sebenonye by the time we finished the course, the instructor tu tengah ngajo kak Sham and sembang with abg Shidi so me and Ija tadek keje amik gambo orang hahah.. before deleting those pictures, I thought I'd just paste them here..

(Actually wanted to write about the Sg Sedim-Sg Pinang Expedition but still waiting for pictures from Fared and ini cume usaha tak mo bg blog berabuk heheh..)

P/S to Sentot: THAT picture takde kat sini :p

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