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Sunday, June 29, 2008

"My firsts".. 5 of them la at least :D

Tagged by Ana. Heheh.. tag ni dah lame dah sebenonye, tp didn't have any time to do it. So Ana, ni la bayaran hutang tag tersebut heheh..

*Uhh.. dah setengah jam mikior nak nulis ape!*

My 1st shot of Nescafe (that lead to the addiction!)
Hmm.. was busy doing the writing for my thesis. I'd stay up till 5 in the morning (I notice I work better from midnight onwards! Vampire ke saya ni ye?) then go get some shut eye after Subuh prayers and by 9.30am dah sampai school balik. At first I was ok with it but as the weeks went by, I started getting sleepy and stole naps in the musolla. Then I decided just ONE TIN of Nescafe.. and now I don't seem to get rid of the addiction! Adeh!

My 1st football match
Hahah.. ni ade kene ngene ngan 1st shot of Nescafe gak. During my writing period, kebetulan it coincide with the World Cup. Tambah plak time tu tgh frust tau ade org nak kawen, lagi la cam susah nak tido. Ikutkan, I'd NEVER watch but since I was staying up till 5am, I was usually appointed the unofficial tukang kejut kaki bola. From USM to UTM to Melaka to Sabah/Sarawak tu heheh.. Then sometimes, bile diorg tak bgn, ade ke gi tanye score baper (mau nye si Syafiq ni, ingatnye kak Yong dia tgk sgt laaaa..). So nak tanak, I updated myself with the score just in case they asked. Then one day tu, coming home from school and wasn't actually that sleepy. So I switched on the tube, and voila! A whole new world opened in front of my eyes hahah <--Cheesy!!! It wasn't even one of the football giants pun.. US ke Korea ke apentah.. lawak jugak rasenye. But the match I won't forget is the one between Germany and Argentina. Why? For the first time in my life, we watched something as a family.. with Abah, Ikram, Izati, Iskandar and Sofi on the German's side and me on Argentina. Masyitah didn't wanna be on anyones side but kesian kat me sebab sorang².. and Mama and Umi geleng kepala tengok anak-beranak + kawan² 'bergaduh²' depan TV :)

My 1st stitches
Hahah.. okay! Dunno why THAT came into mind. About 10 years ago, someone punched me in the eye.. Sadly, even after he saw me bleeding, he punched me again at the same spot (which I recently got to know was intentionally done!). My eyelids had this inch-long slit as a result of that. At first I refused to see the doctor, knowing the doctor planned to call the police (and I was right! Had to beg her not to..), but when half my face became swollen, I had to go, afraid of an infection. The doctor wanted to stitch me up, but in order to do that, she had to re-slit my eyelids. Huhu, gile geli! Even bile kene bius, bleh rase ooo scalpel tu slice through my eyelids.. nak gelak pun ade sebab it was actually ticklish! And even when she stitched me up (5 stitches!) pun nak gelak jugak coz I could feel the needle and thread heheh..

My 1st wisdom tooth
Uhhh.. selalu je kene gelak ngan orang sbb geraham bongsu saya baru tumbah tahun lepas hahah.. Ni pun cam tanak tumbuh betul² jek.. They told me, you still have a chance to grow taller as long as your wisdom teeth tak tumbuh lagi.. aiyak! Harapan Ayu utk tinggi sudah musnah! Terpakse terime hakikat akan ketot seumur hidup ini.. and nope, the other three lum tumbuh lagi. I've 29 teeth in all.. nape ye Dr Dzul, can you tell me why?

My 1st high heels
Hehe.. these first heels were courtesy of Adi in the recent Aidilfitri. I warned him if I fell down flat on my face, siap le dia.. ade ke beli kasut camtu kat kakak dia! But I managed to pull it off.. hehe, tak de la susah sgt pun kan.. but I still prefer my flats anyday :) Dan supaye Adi tak kecik ati, I suke la kasut tuuuuu.. I pakai tau!

And I would like to tag sumer name di tag sblm ini :D

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