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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just to add..

Continuing from my previous entry.. the question about "How do you know you're really in love?"

If you come to work in old tattered jeans complete with an old t-shirt you've been wearing constantly for months, with absolutely no makeup at all thinking you look normal even when you know you have a secret deep inside you that you are not prepared to share yet. You're even kinda flushed being on the move since morning, going up and down the building for a few errands. Then suddenly everywhere you go, not one and not two, but a whole lot of people look at your face as if seeing it for the first time and all of them ask you, why are you glowing?

Which actually makes you feel a bit embarassed.. and kinda worried if its that obvious! And yet, secretly thanking and thinking of a certain someone.

So Baizurah (whom I know doesn't have the time to blog anymore since the arrival of Aqil), what do YOU think of that? Hahah..

And yes, I had a GREAT weekend too :)

P/S to Ayeen
Sorry tak dpt sembang lame aritu huhu.. terkejut sangat jumpe Ayeen, tak sangke lak terserempak kat KBJ aritu. Tp terase sgt malu sbb tergamam sampai tatau nak cakap ape.. you look so different.. Dah macam Aunty Shamsiah dah skrg padehal mase kecik you look more like Uncle Rusli. Next time kite jumpe proper, k.. you still owe me some pancakes heheh.. everytime gi Queensbay and lalu that pancake house, mesti ingt kat Ayeen :)

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