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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The vices of procrastination

I first cam upon the word 'procrastination' in the PhD comics that Dr Ina had shared with me a few years back when I was complaining of my thesis. I'm sure I've shared a few of the comic strips with you guys.

Anyway, at that time, I thought it was a BIG word. I looked in the dictionary and found the meaning of it as to put off till another day or time; defer; delay. Then, as I became a regular to that comic strip website, I grew accustomed to that word.. however, recently I'm beginning to think that I've got a suggestion for these dictionaries. I'd like to forward a plan to put in my picture right next to the word, to explain the meaning even better :D


I've been putting off some work (my progress report for my PhD, calling the Sedim people for the Sg Sedim Project, calling En Dzulkifli for the Bio-Indicators activity.. among them la!), then not being able to progress on some other work (Sg Sedim module, correction for 2 papers I plan to send.. well, anywhere!) due to other people yang lembap but my fault jugak for not following up maybe.

Yesterday, while talking to abg Zul about the resource room, it suddenly hit me on the head on how long my to-do list is now.. okay, maybe not THAT long la, but for me it seems so tiring laaa..

Let's see..
  1. Call Din from the Tree Top Walk in Sg Sedim
  2. Call En Dzulkifli for the bio-indicators
  3. Go to Sg Sedim for the TTW then to Penang Botanical Garden for the Guided Field Observation (OMG! I can't go on the same day, could I? Both places are on totally opposite ways form each other!!!)
  4. ONLY THEN could I proceed with the modules.. then discuss with Puga on the content and with Amir on the layout and ntah.. I'm not creative! Tolong!!!
  5. Clear Dr Farhan's room upstairs and reorganize all his papers and journals.
  6. Do something to bilik dia kat bawah..
  7. Reorganize the resource room with new books and thesis and journals. Then do something about it (ape la Dr punye arahan.. tak spesifik langsung!) so ACEPRO would be in charge instead of Sharil and kak Ainun who are quite busy with thier own work.. and why doesn't our president do this?? ACEPRO kan keje dia.. but nooooooo, he's too busy with his thesis yang takde la nmpk cam nak siap pun. Dah le malas gile, not ONE activity EVER! Mangkuk!!! Tapi volunteer bukan main lagik.. bongok! (Ayu sedang marah!!!)
  8. PhD progress report. Aiyak! I could only talk about my literature review.. well, memang la sudah agak banyak but somehow, with me NOT properly registered as a student, suda jadi agak malas la jugak and been putting it off for 3 weeks now!
  9. Correction for 2 pending papers.. mane correctionnye?? Sape sorokkan?!?! Uwaaaaa..
  10. Report for grant
  11. Tests for my students.. I haven't even done the questions yet!
  12. Betulkan lirik Better in Time kat bawah.. byk salah oooo

Hahah.. okay, the last one tu mmg la nak buat, but its not really the top priority kan. Anyway, when I list it down, takde la nampak byk sangat dak.. n not really that hard jugek..

(Sebenarnye baru balik makan pizza, halfway through this entry Puga ajak makan.. see, I'm even putting off finishing this one entry.. sheesh!!!)

Okay la.. need to start calling the two people in charge, maybe I'll be lucky enough to secure a session with them tomorrow (Yeah right! Once I figure out how to cut myself in half la kaaaann!)..


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