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Monday, June 02, 2008

Ayu suda paranoid!!!

Is it just me ke or has someone from the tuition centre read my blog entry on Teacher's Day?

Adeh! Already two weeks from the entry and EACH AND EVERYTIME I have a class (either my own or tolong gantikan cikgu² yang balik bercuti for the school hols) my ex-students keep popping up into my class asking if they could join (padehal not even teaching their year time tu) my class and if I'd wanna teach them next year. Already kinda 'chup' my class for next year. The fifth formers plak give me excuses like, "Form 3 syllabus is still important to us so its not wrong to join this class!".. and its giving me the creeps!

Then, I've been the cikgu ganti for the third branch (unlike before, this year I don't have any class there!) so my ex-students have been coming to my class everytime I'm there even when I'm not teaching their class and asking why I'm not teaching there anymore as well as if I'd like to teach them.. Gile tul! The words I wrote in that entry is haunting me.. Ayu suda paranoid!!!

Uwaaa.. ntah² my 'boss' bace my entry pastu bayo bebudak ni cakap camtu to freak me out sbb dia geram I ngate dia aritu.. uwaaaaaaaaaa, tolooooooooooooooong!!!

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