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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fly little birdy, fly..

Hmm.. just took this picture this morning before coming to work and frankly, kelihatan gambar ini sgt tak difahami hahahah.. so let me explain.

This is actually a picture of a plant growing at a column at the porch of the house I'm renting. I've tried to pull it out to the roots but the roots are too deep in the cement so the only thing I can do is cut the plant as near as possible to the ground every few weeks or so.. and yes, I do it again after a few weeks as this plant has an amazing growth rate.

Last week, seeing that the plant is nearly my height, I decided to get my all-purpose scissors (Okay².. thing is, I'm not green fingered enough to own my own secateurs! And Abah owned a whole lot of them, what with gardening as his passion.. sheesh! Takde nye turun ke anak minat dia tuh..!) to once again cut the plant. However, something stopped me in my tracks..

I noticed a NEST!

Peering closely, I nearly shouted in surprise when I saw two baby birds with eyes still closed, chirping, thinking I was their mummy or something. I was amazed and stared in wonder on how the mummy made a nest by sticking together two large leaves and putting some dried grass in the cup-like structure she had made.

That night, I asked my housemate if she had noticed anything and sure enough, she told me she had noticed ONE baby bird there and we expressed our worries (nape bunyi cam ayat English composition sekolah menengah ni?) on the 'local' gang of cats..

Next morning, I checked again. Turned out we were both wrong, there were actually THREE birds in there and by now, they were VERY noisy.. in a cute way! So thus, began a routine for me to check on the before I go to school, and right after I arrived home after work. The chirping of the birds actually made my day and I was eager to watch their growth.

Yesterday morning, the birds were sleeping and no matter how much I prodded, I only managed to get a sleepy chirp from one of them who opened its sleepy eyes to me, thinking, "Ishh, budak perempuan ni kaco aku tido lagiiiii!!!" <--Okay, my imagination is going overtime here hahah!

However, when I came back yesterday (and I went home quite early, due to being VERY sleepy yesterday) I noticed that the 'nest' was somehow destroyed (as you can see in the brownish patch above). My first thought was that the birdies have learnt to fly and have left their nest (especially since I've noticed that they've opened their eyes a few days ago!). Still, the way the nest looked like made me think of the cats.

Then when my housemate Rusya came home, she expressed the same views. She told me when she arrived home (I was asleep then with a book in my hands then.. sgt ngantuk semalam!) she noticed something fluttering near the gate and saw a little birdy who did not quite manage to successfully fly. She held it in her hands for a while but let it go as she was afraid she'd hurt it.. and nope, she didn't see the other two.

I opened the door after hearing her say that and we saw the little birdy sitting under her car while trying to fly, only managing to fly a few centimeters high for a distance of half a meter. We didn't know what to do, knowing how clumsy we might be in handling the fragile bird. I felt helpless..

This morning, I didn't see any sign of the bird. I just hope its okay.. maybe its mummy and daddy had come for it, I dunno.. but I'll just cross my fingers, just in case!

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