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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Here comes the nervous wreck!

Hahah.. just finished the wretched interview! Sgt lega.. couldn't sleep much last night and I didn't know what to read for the interview.

Came to school this morning and met with Masyi who was the second person on the list. Ija was fourth and I was sixth. We waited till Ade Faisal (1st one!) came out and bombarded him with questions regarding the interview. As expected, THE research was the main question asked and I was so nervous, I had to read through my proposal a few times just to calm down. There were actually 5 people on the panel.. Our two professors as I had mentioned yesterday, Dr Fauziah, Dr Sanusi and Dr Megat. Frankly, Dr Fauziah scares me more as she loves asking questions. Dr Sanusi scares me coz he loves teasing me, knowing the jittery person I am (he was a panel during my viva and witnessed the 'Ayu-dah-blank' phase I encountered as I came into the room for my viva haha..). I'm not sure about Dr Megat as I've never really interacted with him (I never even had a class with him.. tak sempat!)

When Masyi came out, she was all smiles! Then we waited for Ija's turn.. and she was also all smiles. By then, my face was white and my hands were like they had been kept in a fridge. Kak Ros came to calm me down (I was laughing too much.. my natural reaction to stress hahah.. mesti org len ingt budak ni gile ape asyik nak gelak!).. all too soon, it was my turn!

I must've stood outside the door for ages before finally opening the door. The first person I saw was Dr Fauziah (not a good omen, I thought!) and as I opened the door even further, I heard someone say..

"Here comes the nervous wreck!"

Hahah.. and all my nerves that were walking on a high wire began to calm down as the panel started laughing.. Great Ayu! You now have a reputation as being the person with the most 'calm demeanor' in the Civil Engineering School hahah..

Anyway, they first asked me why I was applying and I couldn't answer that.. sheesh! Then Dr Fauziah asked me why I was so nervous when I knew each and everyone in the room.. so I looked around and blimey! She's actually right (Yeah right, as IF you didn't know that earlier hahah..!)

Then Dr Farhan asked me, if it was better if he went out of the room, and believe it or not, I nodded. Cittt, tak mengenang budi punye student!!

It was only when he was outta the room that I was calm and managed to go on with the interview hehe.. I hope I looked confident thought, as I don't really understand what I was explaining to them haha..

Then Dr Farhan came back into the room with a mug but his tak-sedo-diri punye student smiled and requested, "Errkk, Dr tak yah la masuk lagi.." Ohhh, Ayu sungguh tak malu!!! And my supervisor just laughed and went outta the room AGAIN!

After that, (Dr Farhan was back in the room by now) they asked me what subjects I could teach (of course la transport, traffic and highway is a priority on my list), geotechnic came second (what were you thinking Ayu?) and from Dr Sanusi's prodding, geomatic came third (Hey, I enjoyed the class which is mainly field work.. I just dunno if I'd enjoy teaching it.. especially when Dr Sanusi gave an exagerrated look of relief after I agreed!).. Sheesh! Should've said concrete.. at least I'd have Sharil, Poji and Lah helping me haha..

Then Dr Hamidi asked, if I don't get it, what would I do.. hmm, tough question as I really want it hehe.. but I told him I'd still complete my PhD anyway. I still have my tuition class to which Dr Farhan told all of them, "Ni la cikgu anak² kite yang amik tuition!" Adeh!! Felt a bit weird when they gave me smile as if saying, "Klau kitorg anto anak kitorg and diorg tak dapat A, siap la ngkau!"

Before I went out, once again I was asked about my nerves.. ciss! How come I could teach an average of 5 classrooms of kids per year for nearly 6 years but I'm nervous about an interview with 5 people? Errkk, I wanted to answer, it was because I love teaching but hate interviews.. but I don't actually wanted to risk it, did I?

Anyway.. thanx to my 'family' here who made it easy for me.. still, at the risk of sounding ungrateful, I don't wanna hear any good luck wishes anymore coz I sorta have a feeling I won't get it, even if I REALLY want it. I mean, mane ade org mntk panel kuar dari interview, sheesh! It must've looked bad.. and also because my undergraduate degree didn't actually have a CGPA of 3.0. I know, I've already got my MSc so sod my degree, but somehow, I think thats the way it is now since even ASTS require 3.0 and not a point less..

Still it was a good experience on what NOT to do in my next interview (if I don't manage to avoid one la heheh..)

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