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Sunday, May 11, 2008

An Idle Sunday

Hahah.. I shouldn't be blogging. Let alone play with the online games on Facebook (Ina lah niiiii, sape suh challenge orang :p)

Tomorrow there's this short course on timber design in Cameron Highlands. I've been there countless times, what with Abah taking his students there EVERY YEAR and with us tagging along nearly every time, but somehow the prospect of going there with the other staff here makes it feel exciting..

Thats why I'm here today..

To kunun² finish up the lose ends of my task, so I can enjoy tomorrow (we're only needed for the opening ceremony.. after that, we're free to do and go wherever we want to *smiles*)..

I've even bought some maggi goreng ayam for my breakfast cum lunch cum dinner (?)..

But here I am, blogging.. AFTER a few games of Scramble hahah..

Ayu.. Ayu.. cepat la abis keje tu.. leh melagho sok!!

Btw, a few days ago I went to Chemor for some traffic counting. On the way to the Jelapang toll, there's this stretch of road (highway) thats kinda topsy turvey.. well, most of us know that already.

The last time I went through that road was when me and Sharil went to kak Chah's wedding, which wasn't THAT long ago, and since I wasn't driving, I was able to 'enjoy' the scenery so I'm sure I would've noticed this new signboard then, tak?

At almost all bends on that 'curvy' road, there was this new sign saying:

"Sile perikse brek kenderaan anda sekarang!"

Hahah.. I dunno bout you guys, but I laughed out loud when I read that. Even Fared and Fadhil, who were helping out with the data collection, made a joke of the seemingly outta-place sign board..

Sile perikse? Hahaha.. I guess the "Sile gunekan gear rendah" and "Sile perlahankan kenderaan anda" signboard just doesn't work anymore..

And yes, I did use the brake EVERYTIME the signboard was in sight :p

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