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Friday, May 23, 2008

Rumour is that..

I heard a little rumour..
From a little bird in school..
An its making me feel quensy..
And feel like eating wool..

Hahah.. okay! Lame attempt at a poem there but yup! I heard something from the grapevines ('from the grapevines' or 'in the grapevines'.. or am I totally wrong at this expression?) and for a while there, I panicked.

Sheesh.. of all times for this to happen!

So I've made up my mind, to go to the source and ask directly!

I mean, to me, its a matter of life and death (Notice that I'm going a bit too far here? Heheh..)

Okay².. its not as if I'm dead if this is true.. but YES! There will be a part of my life's plan (the one plan I did in my scatterbrain little head, not the one He has for me which I sure wish He'd reveal to me!) that has to be revamped.. and as most of you might've noticed, I detest changes!

Huuuuuuhh.. tarik nafaaaaaaaaaaasss.. lepaaaaaaas!

Well, at least until I can figure out la how to ask hahah..

Especially when it turned out that there are a few other people who are counting on me to ask (Cehh! Tak leh tanye sendiri ke.. then tell me what you guys got from 'the source'?)

So, cross your fingers for me, will you? Please.. pretty please..

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