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Monday, January 07, 2008

Ayu penin heheh..

Monday morning, and I'm already counting the days to Saturday hahah.. Ayu sangat teruk!

Had an 'ok²' weekend. On Saturday I had my 1st form 3 class of the year (very quiet students) then had a form 1 class (very studious.. and I'm suprised hahah.. form 1's usually are too playful!). After a quick rest at home, I drove to Bagan Serai for my night class of form 2. Yeah! Ade ke Cikgu Arun bg KELAS MALAM TIME WEEKEND!!! MARAH LE NI.. I mean, its only on weekend nights that I get to go out, catch a movie or something.. hahah, not that I've been watching movies that much anyway <--alasan je tu tak puas hati ade kelas malam Ahad!

Form 2 class was mainly my old students so at least I enjoyed la the class. Had a few new students too and for the first impression, they were ok. Hmm.. so the only class I haven't met is my form 1 class in Bagan Serai yet since I wasn't well on the first call..

But then again..

I won't be able to meet them yet this week too. We'll be having this seminar cum workshop in KL on Thursday so on Wednesday itself we'd be going there (so once again my students won't know who Cikgu Ayu is yet.. *sigh*)

Which is also the reason I'm staring at my screen. I'm supposed to do a presentation on my progress but I have no idea on what to do. I mean, I'm the newbie here and I feel as if whatever I present, ALL the other ones already know.. Kak Shedar, kak Suria, kak Siti and Ho have been involved for more than a year so I feel as if I dunno what is it that I can contribute hahah.. and kak Win, like me, also doesn't know what to present. The seminar is on sustainable transport and her M.Sc thesis, as I recall, does not involve this sustainable transport so we're both kinda clueless for whatevers gonna happen this Thursday.

Then, this is my first time taking care of all the hotel and ticket booking. Usually we have other RO's doing it but since I'm the only RO in this new project, I've learnt quite a lot of things I thought I never have to do heheh.. Lucky for me, kak Hafsah readily gives out a helping hand in preparing the PO and calling the travel agent for the tickets so basically, I just give the details to her and make sure I'm beside her (she won't let me outta her sight!) while she does all the hard work :D

But then again, its still kinda tiring. Having people 'requesting' certain flight arrangements and having to think of who's staying with whom (Dr Farhan kindly paid for the room, but not everyone wants to share), then having people cancelling their flight tickets coz they wanna drive BUT they also think I'm the one to do their travel claims. Excuse me, but I'm an RO, not your bloody secretary! I dunno.. its a bit.. annoying I think! Haha, ok, maybe its because Dr Farhan told them to contact me for anything la kot.. so I'm not supposed to complain (?)

On top of that, my voice is still like a 'kambing sakit perut' and I'm starting to cough again. Sheesh!

Ok.. its only a week in the new year and I'm already complaining, huh hehehe..

Hey.. I DO have something to good to talk about. Yesterday I went to Pt Buntar to buy some supplies. Then remembering I hadn't eaten my lunch when it was already around 4.15pm, I decided to just grab a burger from KFC. As I was lining up, I thought I heard someone saying 'cikgu' but I just ignored it.

But then, feeling a bit 'strange' after an awkward moment, I decided to turn around to find no one there and just as I was turning back to the front, I noticed a boy just trying to grab my attention by going back to my back.. like we were playing peek-a-boo. It was Nabil (I once wrote about him here-->! One of my students who once laughed about me being 26 as I had written here -->

We talked a bit and I was suprised he remembered me as I only taught him for the 6 weeks of school holidays as he was from a boarding school and didn't take the normal year-round classes we have here, He laughed listening to my voice, remembering that last year I had also once lost my voice whilst teaching them (though more severe la than this year punye) and they had to go a week with me teaching without my 'proper' voice.. It was funny when he kept calling me 'akak eh, cikgu' hahahah..

Well, I guess thats all for now. I'd like to write about my new years resolution but I think I'd better start on my presentation now.. chiao!

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