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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another milestone (to remind me i'm getting old *gasps*)

Ok.. why is a picture of Tupperwares doing in my blog?

Answer: These are my FIRST EVER Tupperware! :D

Hahah.. This is actually the first time I ever bought my own Tupperware. When I was smaller, I was always scolded by Mama for losing her Tupperware. From water tumblers (eversince standard 1, I must've lost on average, two per year), to sandwich containers to her most prized cake display container (which I lost during Hari Keusahawanan in form 2.. Tupperware paling mahal Ayu penah bg ilang heheh..).

When I was in form 5, Mama gave me this very cute Tupperware tumbler for me to use in school and I loved it and used it everyday.. though how I managed to not lose it, Ayu pun tatau heheh.. I still have it now and its still as good as ever.

From then on, Mama was always wary whenever she 'lended' (ade ke perkataan ni?) me her Tupperwares sbb biasenye akan ilang la.. or like now, I don't actually lose it, but I don't really give it back hehe.. byk gune nye ooooooo! Besides, Mama doesn't use them much now heheh..

Anyway, for me, whenever I needed containers, I'd usually buy the cheap ones sold in the local supermarket. You know, the RM2-RM3 ones. This way, if I lose them, I won't actually feel the loss that much. However, Irnis just became a Tupperware dealer and for the past few months, she's been showing us her catalogue every few weeks.

First it was Remy who bought a water container from her. Then, with the thought of just browsing, I went through the catalogue and found this irrisistable offer for Freezer Mates which was down to only 60% or so of the normal price.. and yes, since I now have MY OWN fridge, or course la jadik perak skit, wanting to kunun² organize my fridge like an adult hahah..

Then a few pages after that, there was this sandwich container resembling the ones I had lost during school (except now the colours were more pastel-like) thus making me laugh at the memory and before I knew it, I had ordered the whole set too.. for practical purposes! (Yeah right Ayu, keep convincing yourself of that 'fact' ok heheh..)

When Irnis handed me my order, I was over the moon, wanting so much to call Mama and tell her, "I JUST BOUGHT MY VERY FIRST TUPPERWARE!" (And I know she'd just roll her eyes like when I told her about buying my first TV and fridge hahaha.. <--so very 'matured' la you ni, Ayu! Heheh..)

It was when I excitedly showed Farah my purchases (hey! Bleh la berlagak ngan dia, she still uses HER MOTHER's Tupperware heheh..) that it suddenly struck me..

Ughhh.. rase cam org tue plak beli² Tupperware ni!

Aiyak! Betul la..

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