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Friday, January 25, 2008

The 11 people you meet in heaven (Uhh, kene pancung ngan Mitch Albom kang, curik tajuk dia heheh..)

Can you name 11 people you can think of right off the top of your head?
(Ayu: Huhu, no cheating eh? Ok.. but right now I'm having trouble focusing on 11 people coz so many people are on my mind right now!) Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 11 people.This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first. No Cheating!!!

1. Ayeen (just read her blog.. sbnonye everyday I go to her blog!)
2. Pojie (just went to his blog)
3. Adi (he just came online)
4. Sentot (missing her my-baby-is-doing-kungfu-in-my-tummy sms)
5. Dr Farhan (Aiyak! Haven't finished his work laaa..)
6. Sharil (was kidding around with him this morning)

*sape lagi ek?* <--about 15 minutes have passed 7. Soraya 8. Mael (bcoz I got this tag from him!) 9. Che Am chumel.. (he just came and asked for help on his assignment.. ceh! Sib baik chumel) 10. Dzul (also just went to his blog sbb somehow jadik blur tak leh pk name sesape!) 11. Mak Cik Roshadah (Erk, nape tetibe teringat kat mak cik ni?) How did you meet 10?
A guy in my class during matriks. His Tweety tie was very popular and though there were copycats after the whole college identified with his tie, they never managed to pull it off like Dr Dzul.. who btw is a dentist in Tawau(?) Tul ke Dzul?

What would you do if you had never met 6?
Hmm.. guess I'd never believe a guy could actually cook! Sedap plak tu.. Beef curry, chicken rendang, nasik dagang, lontong, jam tart hehe.. you name it, and you get it. Selalu je cube nak masak bende baru.. and made me addicted to his chocolate cake!

What would you do if 6 and 2 dated?
Erk?!?! You kidding, right? Ahahahaha.. gelak guling²! Crazy ahh.. If they do, Ayu sure kene demam 40 hari 40 malam.. (Patut le kate it was more fun if I randomly put the names ek! Gile nye thought if THAT happens!)

Have you ever seen 4 cry?
Hmm.. have I, Sentot? But she's definitly seen me cry.. and I guess I'd say, yes! I'd say, we've both seen each other in our worst conditions :)

Do you think 1 is cute?
Heheh.. Ayeen, what should I say here? Heheh.. chumel! Should've seen a picture of her when we were smaller, her cheeks were ALWAYS rosy! Like wearing a blusher..

Tell me something about number 11
Kind.. very kind! Caring.. Loving.. Had always been there when I was so sad a few years back.. she's still there though. Just text me a message a few days ago.

How do you know 8?
Adi's friend who joined Adi's 'Mari kutuk phone kak Yong' Club! Bakal Autobot leader di mase hadapan sbb dia ade hati nak gulingkan Optimus Prime :D.. Tul tak, Mael? :p

Would you ever go on a date with number 5?
Oww shiitt! You call THIS fun to randomly put down peoples names (Should've put Brad Pitt's name there)? Gile nak kene sula ngan Dr Azlina hehe.. but I admire Dr Farhan very much! A very, very good role model (sbb tu takut ngan dia bile tak siap keje tu heheh..)

What's 7's favourite colour?
Alamak! Note to self: Ask Soraya her fav colour!

What would you do if 6 confessed they liked you?
Ahahahaha.. you like me? I like your choc cake.. and I know you like my trifle pudding. So why don't you make your cake, and I'll make my pudding and kite tuko suke same suke.. both kenyang whaaaat!! Heheh..

Fact about 9.
He's cute haha.. Very adik²! He's 24 and the youngest in his family from 12 siblings. Went to Polimas before coming to USM. Worked for a while jugak before coming here and penah kene ngorat with a MALE surveyor at his wrokplace hahah.. Lives in Pendang, Kedah and pretends that he goes for korban during Aidiladha when he's actually afraid of blood. Drives a Satria and is very manja with his mum. Yeah, we actually bored the hell outta each other when we had to go for data collection so there's a lot more facts from where that came from!

Who is 4 going out with?
She's married to Amin (I was her maid of honour :D) and waiting for the mini Amin to come in March (hopefully on my birthday.. or as Amin hopes, on HIS birthday! Kite tgk la baby tu sayang sapa, Amin heheh..)

Who is number 5 to you?
My idol since my undergraduate years. So much that my friends call me Anak Dr Farhan heheh.. My supervisor for my final year project, co-supervisor for my MSc and InsyaAllah supervisor again for my PhD. (Hmm, if I had put Brad Pitt, what would I write down here eh? My future boyfriend?!?! Heheh..)

Would you ever live with 11?
Erkk.. that would be weird.. and awkward.. especially if her son comes home with his family!

Is 2 single?

Where does 7 live?
When we were smaller, she lived in i-don't-quite-remember, Bayan Baru I think, and after coming back from US after her father's sabatical, she lived in USM. Then she moved to Pantai Jerejak when we were in secondary but I'm not sure where she lives now.. mane ek Soraya?

What do you think about number 3?
My favourite brother.. :) And his tummy is my fav punch bag now heheh..

What do you like about number 10?
Has the looks and makes of a leader! Heck! He was our class monitor then.. a bit garang! Huhu, sowi Dzul heheh.. I WAS afraid of you mase tu hehe.. but VERY cheeky, suke usik semua org dgn cikgu Amer skali.. and hmm, cute la jugak! :D and sgt suke Siti Nurhaliza (Uhh, tak paham heheh..) He once sang in our pantomine, sedap gak suare dia.. "Tuai padi antare masaaaaakkk.." Heheh, see, I remember that :D

Favourite memory with 2?
Hmm.. banyak! Can't exactly chose which one from all of that but probably, since I'm thinking of this right now, when he gave me a Football/Soccer 101 class during the World Cup :) And football has never been the same heheh..

Now I'm tagging:
1. Sentot
2. Soraya
3. Ayeen
4. Pojie
5. Un
6. Jida (your blog berabuk sgt dah niiiiii!)
7. Dzul
8. Amer

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