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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hari ini Ayu mengong


I'm sooo sleepy..

Came in early this morning after breakfast with kak Yun and after a few minutes being alone in this room, abg Fadzil arrived. The picture above is from the suprise birthday celebration for both abg Fadzil and Sharil held at the end of December. Picture a bit blur coz its taken with abg Fadzil's new phone (which kak Nor had given him hehe..), my camera takde battery so had to make due with the phone. Huhu, takde ati nak citer sangat pasal celebration sbb dah lame sgt. Enough to say that it was the only reason for me to buy an ice-cream cake heheh <--kempunan lame dah, sib baik ade birthday diorg!

Speaking of birthdays, today is kak Ja's birthday. I dunno what her age is but I wished her a happy 16th birthday heheh..

*Uhhh, masih ngantuk*

Tuesday saw me going to kak Shima's with kak Yun. Kak Shima wanted to treat us to a night out :D Went for dinner at Damiral's (one of my favourite places) where I ate Fish Corden Bleu (cam salah eje jek). hmm, I think I like the chicken one better (notice how I'm avoiding to spell that word again heheh..). Then we headed to Sunway to catch Sweeney Todd, my first time watching a movie there. Terase dah lame tak tgk wayang.. The movie was ok la, it was a musical so wasn't that scary la.. maybe a bit revolting la coz the blood cam air paip jek.. but it was Johnny Depp :D

Then me and kak Shima (kak Yun tido) stayed up watching this Korean ke Japanese series ntah and the next morning we had breakfast at the kopitiam nearby. Ok la, dah lame tak kuar, felt a bit refreshing..

*Still yawning..*

Slept at kak Yun's yesterday. She didn't wanna be alone for a few reasons. I agreed and went there after my night class. She slept early so I was left with the tv before I went to iron my clothes and retire. Mase tgh iron, I remembered when Dr Naiem lived in this house and he complained of ghosts disturbing him and his family. For a while, kecut gak hehe.. Especially when I switched off the light and the room went pitch black.. but before long I was already dozing off. Heheh, the excitement of the day finally got to me, eh..

*Uwaaa, masih menguap!*

I think I'm gonna go home in an hour's time. Its 10.38am already and I'm still sleepy.. I think I'll go get a few winks la..


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