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Monday, January 21, 2008

To poetry or to not poetry..

You know, a few months ago, being a bit bored outta my wits while doing data collection for Dr Razip (it was supposed to be about the vibration of this building.. cam menarik kan? Prob is, tak gegaq puuuuuuunnnn.. cisss!!), I decided to type in this first verse of a song and sms to some of my friends. The song is an OST from the movie Over It (or something like that!) and sung by Kirsten Dunst.

Let me sleep for when I sleep I dream that you are here, you're mine, and all my
fears are left behind.. I float on air, the nightangel sings gentle lullabies,
so let me close my eyes.. and sleep per chance to dream, so I can see the face I
long to touch.. to kiss.. but only dreams can bring me this. So let, the moon
shine softly on the boy I long to see.. and maybe when he dreams, he dreams of

And to my amusement, most of my friends thought I had penned that verse myself hahah.. This is not actually suprising to me as a few years ago, I had put kak Zai's poem in my blog and a lot of my friends told me to stop pretending it was a 'kak Zai' who wrote it and just admit it was my own poem. God, I laughed a lot while trying to explain that I DON'T WRITE POEMS but somehow, people tend to think that I do.

Well, ok.. maybe I wrote a poem ONCE. It isn't even a poem, more like a doggerel than a poem and I just did it just to tease my classmates. You see, we were in form 5 and tired of studying. We were the first science stream batch in our school and though I won't admit it then, the pressure was something all of us felt as we had our school's reputation to maintain.

One Friday, during the end of the day when most of us were a bit cranky and all that, all of us did something to cheer each other up. Ami went in her usual clown mode while some of us sang. Others took out prohibited comic books (while pretending we didn't see kak Da glaring at us for breaking the rules). I was a bit bored since I'd already finished with the comics and had already heard Ami's joke (We've been fast friends since form 1 so I usually know what she's gonna say :)).

Suddenly a not-so-brilliant inspiration came over me and I took over the blackboard while writing my first and last doggerel ever haha.. you know like the pantun's of classmates we usually get in our year books? Well, that was what I did but in english and with 6 lines in a verse while I chanted it in a sing-song voice. When I had finished, I had covered the black board with my writings (we only had 15 students in my class but since I was writing 6-line verses, no wonder la the blackboard was full of it!)

It wasn't an excellent effort and most of my friends were just amused or confused.. a bit annoyed kot for them yang 'terkene' hehe.. but my poem a.k.a lame doggerel was left on the board till Monday, when some teachers had read it (well, MAYBE a few teachers' names were tossed into it too :D).

As I said, it wasn't good, I'm not much into literature, but my classmates must've left it on the board just to amuse me or maybe because they didn't wanna anger the class monitor, huh? Heheh..

Still, I wish I had written it down though.. I'm suddenly wondering WHAT DID I write down that day.. :)

Anyway, why did this suddenly come to me? Truth is, a few days ago I went blog hopping and came across this poem..

Shall I Walk Into The Light?

Shall I walk into the light?
I'm abundant with joy and laughter
Oh, I'm filled with delight
Smiles and winks ever after

The wind blows in my face
All my sorrows leave this place!

I gaze through a colorful window everyday
I see shapes
I see hearts
I see beauty
My inner child comes out to play

I am blessed
I am cursed

As I stare at the darkness of night
My spirit questions to fit
Shall I walk into the light?
Or become it?

This poem I 'curik' from Mael's (Adi's friend) blog and it actually suprised me to see a poem from him as he doesn't seem like the type to write poems..

Made me wonder though: People always think I can do poetry when I suck at it but sometimes, I DO wonder if I could write one. Like when kak Zai showed me her poems (including the one I had published in one of my blogs), to her, everyone could write poems. There's actually this poem I'd like to share, one she did for her students which left me in stitches but I can't find where I had saved it so maybe I'll publish it later.

Anyway, anyone here have more poems for me to look at?

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