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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


A junior of mine (name witheld) started selling some hijab with his girlfriend and since he was close to me, he asked me to go look at the tudungs and see if I was interested. I've long since bought any new tudung and thought, what the heck, it won't hurt to look at them, would it?

But before that, Hasz also came to me to look at some hijab she was also selling and since I'm the type who wears her hijab till it is no longer considered wearable (my current ones were mostly bought in 2002 hahah..) and I am very, very, very lazy when it comes to shopping, I thought I'd go look at both.

Hmm, impressive collection of hijab, I mused, BEFORE looking at the price. You know, my hijabs (esp. the 2002 ones) are mostly in the range of RM30-RM35 ONLY. Imagine my suprise when most of these tudungs were sold at RM45!


Well, granted they had the crystal thingeys.. but hey! I don't actually need those crystal thingeys, thank you very much! Susah nak iron je nnt, nyusahkan experience meng'iron'.. not to mention, leceh nak jage..


And me, the girl who NEVER bought hijabs with those strings of crystal (I even argued with Farah during Ramadhan when she insisted I buy at least ONE of those kinda hijabs) suddenly found myself with only these kinda hijabs that have my choice of colour.. sheesh!


Then I went to see Salleh's collection which was quite the same but more expensive (but unfortunately, his collection was more impressive haha..) The most expensive one was RM75! Granted, again, that it had this neat beads alongside the crystal thingeys but geez! RM75?!?!


You know, for my baju kurungs, the normal costs are
Fabric: RM 40
Seamstress 'fee': RM 25
Total: RM 65

..and I still have RM10 extra when compared to the RM75 hijab!

Ridiculous.. don't you agree?

Tudung lagi mahal dari baju.. ridiculous!

Know what's more ridiculous?!?! I bought two RM45 hijabs from Has and another two RM75 ones from Salleh!

Kesimpulannye: Dalam entry ni, Ayu paling ridiculous!!!!

P/S Please take note that Ayu is the ONLY person on earth who thinks those prices are ridiculous! Turns out, most 'perempuan' think the price is okay and Ayu semakin konpius :(

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