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Friday, December 22, 2006

My young chargers

This school holiday, my afternoons and nights are quite busy. Well, not throughout the week, rather in the first half of each week from Mondays to Thursdays. Yeah, believe it or not, there ARE some students out there who still wanna enjoy their holidays by studying haha..

In all, I've got three classes. A Form Five class from Mondays to Thursdays at 5.15pm to 6.45pm, a Form One class on Tuesdays at 8.15pm to 10.00pm and a Form Two class on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8.15pm to 10.00pm.

But God! How I enjoy those classes :)

The Form One class has only 5 students. They are still childishly cheeky enough to be cute, yet still 'afraid' enough of adults to respect me. They love doing maths and are always asking questions where I'd happily answer them. Two of the boys don't have front teeth and are always teased by us. However, they are quite bright, as they always say, "Biaq tak dak gigi, asal pandaaaaaaaaaaaaaiii!"

The Form Two class in a bit different. 15 different students with 15 different personalities. They are at the age where they think they are 'adult' enough and think its cool to bit a bit rude now and then. Duh! Still, there are some student who make it worthwhile. They groan whenever I give them exercises to do, yet still do them cheerfully. Most of them are from selected schools and these are the students who don't give much trouble.

I remember nagging them last week when I gave them a simple test and NOT ONE student obtained 100%. All of them were quiet, seeing their teacher, a usually easy-to-laugh one suddenly scolding them to bits. They were quite behaved for the rest of the class but the next day was quite a different story. Hah! Kids..

Its in this class that I teach Dr Farhan's nephew and I can't imagine what Dr Farhan would think of me if his nephew told him how garang Cikgu Ayu was haha.. But his nephew is one of those I-love-to-learn ones so at least thats the least of my problems as I knew he's not one of those who are at the end of my scolding.

Last but not least is my Form Five class where the students are old enough to understand the meaning of respect yet still young enough to be naive in most things around them. This is my favourite class with also 15 students :)

This is the first time I'm teaching the english syllabus to Form Five so in reality, I study along with them. They laugh when I forget the mathematical 'words' and I find myself laughing alongside them as well. I love this class as it feels like we're more like friends than teacher-students!

The girls are hardworking and always joking around while the boy are.. well, can't really say they're hardworking but they sure laugh a lot. There's one boy in my class who seldom shows up and whenever I ask them who is absent, the boys would always answer, "Alaa.. yang handsome² tu!", while the girl would roll their eyes. Yesterday, another boy, Nabil was also absent along with the 'handsome²' boy so when I asked them, Aiman answered that Nabil also didn't come. Then he pretended to think and then asked me, "Nabil pun hnadsome jugak kan cikgu?". Then went on with the conclusion that handsome guys don't come to extra classes haha..

When I asked them, don't they think they have the looks too, they made a pity-us face and said since they don't, they just HAVE to study hard. Then all boy were laughing as if they made a great joke UNTIL Hana (one of the unidentical twins) shouted, "Sedaq pun hangpa tak handsome nooo.."..

See why I enjoy my classes? :)

I only have one more week with them, after this, it will be back to normal classes. Guess I'm gonna miss these students of mine, huh?

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