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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Serendipity pt.2

This is one of my favourite love stories. I just love it, love it, love it heheh.. <--Ayu gatal!

I've talked about this movie in one of my entries last year here, I think but here I am, still not bored in trying to talk about it again. Here's another one.

These days, I seldom go to school at night anymore. So I had just come home from my night tuition and just plonked myself in front of the tube while switching channels trying to find something to watch. Then, feeling a bit frustrated with the non-stop commercials on tv, I went to the kitchen to fix myself a drink when I heard a familiar dialogue. Practically running to the tv set, I was delightly surprised to see Serendipity on tv and instantly smsed a few close friends and juniors like Baizurah, Ami, Juty, Amer, Ramlah and dont-remember-who-else half-demanding them to watch the movie :) Hahah, I sat there, dreamy-like watching the movies while trying my best not to miss any part of it.

Its a story about fate. About how no matter what you do, you can never change your fate and destiny. But since you don't know what it is, it won't really hurt to try anything, right?

In this story, it was about John and Sara who met coincidently (or as fate has written, who knows?) at a store where they were searching for black gloves. both found the same pair of black gloves at the same time but, as they would say, something inside them made them share the glove, with one glove to each other. They found out that they enjoyed each other's company and Jon was sure that there was something between them but Sara wasn't quite sure and decided to leave things in the hands of fate.

The first thing they did was take a random book from a book seller while Sara wrote her name and number on the front page. Then Jon took a dollar bill and wrote his name and number on it and gave it to charity. Sara believed, if they were meant to be together, the book and dollar would somehow end up in their hands one day.

Then, they went to this hotel Astoria or whatever the name was and they made a deal. They'd go into separate lifts and chose ONE floor randomly. If they ended up on the same floor, then it really was their destiny to be together that night. But sometimes, something REALLY was meant for you. Like the right person.. but maybe it just wasn't the right time. Sara and Jon chose the same 23rd floor but whilst Sara had no difficulties arriving at that floor, jon had this annoying boy who came into the lift and pressed nearly ALL buttons, forcing the lift to stop at alomost all floors. By the time he arrived at the 23rd floor, Sara had already given up and had JUST stepped into the lift to go back down, convinced, they weren't meant to be together.

Fast forward to a few years later. Both were engaged and about to marry other people, but somehow they could never forget the mysterious stranger they had met on that magical Christmas night. Eager to try get his second chance, Jon tried his best to find the woman he was convinced as his soul mate but ran outta luck. He had to buy a 400 dollar suit, dig around the basement of a shop to find her address only to have it ruined in the end. The final straw was when her old address bought him to this bridal shop making him feel as if the signs were showing him that he should get married to his fiancee.

As for Sara, she was also always thinking of this mystifying stranger she had met years before so before her marriage, she asked her fiancee for a break with the excuse of wanting some time alone before she got married. All the while, they kept missing each other by fraction of minutes. However, in the end, Sara gave up and wanted to go back to her home as she was already convinved she wasn't in love with her fiancee and had broken up the night before.

But then, fate intervened once more. On the night before his wedding, Jon's fiancee gave him a present which turned out to be the book he had been searching for so long. Then as Sara was just getting ready to go back, she received some loose change which included the dollar bill with Jon's name and number.

She had thought she was late as when she arrived, the hotel worker was already clearing up the wedding area. However, the hotel worker told her that the wedding had been cancelled off.

As for Jon, in wanting to clear his mind of the crzay thing he had done the past few days, he went to this park where he found a lost jacket belonging to, guess who? Haha.. Sara had left it there when she had finally broken up with her fiancee.

Well, as good love stories usually go, they finally met and everything went well again. They even went back to the store that started it all to celebrate the very moment they first met..


I really DO love mushy love stories, huh?

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