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Saturday, December 10, 2005


I just looked up this word in the dictionary and found out that it meant fortunate accidents or making fortunate discoveries by accident.. well, something to THAT effect! I DO wonder whats the connection between the word and the story..

You see, I've just been watching the movie a few minutes ago and since I'm still on cloud nine with MY BIG CRUSH, the story has contributed to another silly grin on my face haha.. Anyway, as any of you who have seen this picture know, this story is about fate and how strong the belief is that no matter what you try to do, you could never change your fate.

I liked the way the story went. The girl wrote her name and number on book while the guy, on a dollar note. Then they sent of the book and note to no-one-knows-where-itll-end-up and as the girl believed, if they were meant to be together, one day the note AND book would end up in their hands.. waaaahhh, so sweet ah!

I like the way the story implied that sometimes, SOMETHING is good for you BUT not at that particular moment. For example, the guy and the gal (John Cusack and Kate something yg berlakon citer Pearl Harbour tuh..) went to this hotel and they made a pact that if the both of them chose the same floor from different elevators then they were meant to be together. Somehow, they chose the same 23rd floor BUT, since the time wasn't yet right for them, Sara (Kate Beckinsale ke apentah nama dia) had no problems arriving at the floor but the guy had the misfortune of having this cheeky boy with him, who pressed ALL the buttons thus making him arrive VERY late to the 23rd floor and missing Susan for just a few moments.

But as all sweet love stories go (ok la, nearly all la..) in the end, they DID end up together la.. we, as the viewers would notice all the 'signs' that would pave their way together but they themselves were confused about all those 'signs'.. yup, more like our real life experiences, huh?

Here.. I'm posting the synopsis given by

Jonathan Trager and Sara Thomas met while shopping for gloves in New York. Though buying for their respective lovers, the magic was right and a night of Christmas shopping turned into romance. Jon wanted to explore things further but Sara wasn't sure their love was meant to be. They decided to test fate by splitting up and seeing if destiny brought them back together... Many years later, having lost each other that night, both are engaged to be married. Still, neither can shake the need to give fate one last chance to reunite them. Jon enlists the help of his best man to track down the girl he can't forget starting at the store where they met. Sara asks her new age musician fiance for a break before the wedding and, with her best friend in tow, flies from California to New York hoping destiny will bring her soulmate back. Near-misses and classic Shakespearean confusion bring the two close to meeting a number of times but fate will have the final word on whether it was meant to be

*sigh* I'm still wearing this silly grin!

Hmm.. wonder what MY 'signs' are gonna be like???

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