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Sunday, December 11, 2005

A little too much haha..

Okay.. now I'm freaked out!

I suddenly feel like a stalker and that is sooooo, errr, 'degrading'(?).. haha, bit funny if you ask me.

A few days ago, I was on cloud nine.. and happy to be there. But today, I seem to have dropped down a few levels. Nope, not on the seventh heaven, I won't mind that.. more like having my feet planted firmly on the ground once more. Err, ok, maybe just floating a teeny bit :-)

A few days ago, I had a very close encounter with MY BIG CRUSH but as usual, I pasted my tak-kisah-pun face and pretended to look somewhere else (big, fat liar, huh! Hehe..). Then 2 days ago, I was 'somewhere' (not telling here.. like I said, I'd rather keep his location a secret :-p) waiting for a friend and pacing around the corridor. Then outta the blue, I came 'nearly' face-to-face with MBC as I was turning around but I managed to whip out my phone while pretending to call my friend. Then just now, I was stalling myself from getting outta the car by skipping through the newspaper I just bought. Imagine how dreadful I felt when I finally emerged form the car, just to see MBC passing by.. I mean, if he had ever noticed anything (which I'm hoping he hasn't), it DOES seem like I was delibrately sitting in my car and going out ONLY when he passed.

Thats not to mention some other recent encounters that, though they made me smile silly a few days ago, now make me cringe with horror! I mean, its just a silly crush, for God's sake so please don't torture me, ooo my crazy, psycho mind!

Yeah, I'm sure its all in the mind really, but hey, my mind has a powerful grip on me and it sure isn't making things better for me! I won't mind a few glimpses now and then but not to the point it makes me feel like subconsciously, I'm stalking MBC! Gosh, better tone down the feeling and throw away these silly crushes that were meant for teenagers ONLY.. Help me!!!

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