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Sunday, December 25, 2005


Case 1
Saw MBC on the way to school, but somehow, it didn't bring the usual smile to my face (okay, maybe it made me look twice la.. but thats it!). Not even a twitch, more like, "Oh! You again!"

Case 2
Was staring at my thesis, knowing I HAVE to show SOMETHING for my fourth chapter (Data and Analysis) to my superviser on Wednesday but was overcome with this feeling of indifferance. It seems like I've lost the feeling of, "Mati la saya, keje tak siap lagi tapi Dr nak tengok!"

Case 3
Had the radio on and heard the cue to sms so absentmindedly I sent and sms. And yes, once again I've won a CD, this time Jamie Cullum's but I didn't feel as ecstatic as I usually feel. In fact, Aldeena was more excited about it than me.. but still, I won a free CD hehe..

Blame it on the rainy weather. Blame it on the holidays. Blame it on everything! Errkk, tak baik la pulak.. but yeah, its as if I don't have any feelings today. Numb..

I mean, what the hell has come over me today?!? And I've also noticed how many entries I've posted for the past few days and this is not a good sign, thesis-wise! I don't even feel like LOOKING at my data..

This is bad..

This is very bad!!!

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