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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Wipe that silly grin off your face, girl!

For the past few weeks, I've been noticing something different in me.

It started a few days ago when I suddenly felt so stiff in my jaw, I had stop my work just to rub it. I was suprised to notice a silly grin on my face and suddenly it downed to me that I've been having these silly grins and fits of 'senyum sorang²' quite frequently. Yup, there was also a noticable extra spring in my step and suddenly the world seems so much more colourful haha..

Ok Pojie, akak told you 'I dunno why I'm having this silly grin on my face' but I guess I DO know now haha.. just don't laugh at me, okay!

Most of you might say, "She's fallen in love" haha.. That's probably half the truth since I don't believe much in Love At The First Sight but lets just say I've developed a severe crush on someone. No prizes for guessing who and I'm not giving out any clues, just in case one of my juniors stumble upon the truth. Okay la, one clue, to broaden your horizons a bit.. someone NOT from Civil Engineering (School? Field? Take your pick!)

I feel like a school girl, senyum tak tentu pasal and believe me, its been a long time since I've felt this giddy. Well, some of my friends during my undergraduate studies tell me that I never notice anything else outside the academic field, I was always into assignments and lectures.. but if they saw me right now, I'm sure they'd laugh their heads off.. AND finally realize that I AM NORMAL like everyone else.

A mere glimpse would make my day and no matter what Dr Wan says (about my thesis that seems to be getting worse by the minute) to me, I'd still be smiling as opposed to the rasa-nak-nangis-je feeling I had before. And to make it worse, I seem to keep bumping into him (I swear it isn't on purpose) so its no wonder that the smile keeps staying on my face every second.

But, I DO realize that
1. He doesn't even know I'm alive
2. He's WAY outta my league

..but still, it doesn't hurt to be on cloud nine, does it?

Besides, I've also realized something VERY interesting.. I haven't been thinking of IM at all for a very long time, eversince the developement of this 'plague' in me and I think thats something I should really be thankful for. Somehow, I think I have my crush to thank! Its not like I've never had seen anyone interesting, but I keep comparing.. stupid huh? Not to mention wasting my precious time.. But this sudden crush either surpasses everything or has really managed to take my mind of IM.. whatever it is, thanks! (Though I won't really say this to him la haha..)

Oh well, enough time back on earth, I'm going to walk on air again to my comfortable cloud nine and keep this smile that hasn't really gone away from my face while enjoying the view of a face that keeps popping into my mind.. cheerio!

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