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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Am I lucky.. or do the odds just favour me?

"Ayu ni selalu menang benda² macam ni.."

Thats what kak Kathy said to me when I told her of my lucky sms to Mix FM. Yup, I won a CD for their free CD weekend AND got the chance to talk to my favourite deejay. Truth is, sometimes I DO feel lucky.. but like right now, when I'm sitting down pondering about it, I guess I'm not really lucky at all, its all in the math :-)

Confession: I'm a quiz buff. Not the school-science-quiz type of quiz, but the freebie quiz you can find everywhere now, in the newspapers, in the radio, in magazines, from the internet. This craze started in form 3 when Abah started subscribing to the NST, Mingguan Malaysia and Sunday Mail for our Sundays (hari biase, NST je..). Sunday Mail was always having these quizes and one day I thought I should try it out. I still remember, it was the Free Willy 2 contest and imagine my suprise when I won two movie passes and limited edition stickers. After that, I was hooked!

There was no stopping me. Every Monday (sometime even on Sunday nights), you could find me huddled in a corner answering the two simple questions while racking my brains for the slogan. Stamps and postcards were aplenty during that period as I was sending quizes every week. My second prize was a Dragon Heart t-shirt and two movie passes and this just became the incentive for me to send more and more.

My family, understanding my obsesssion with these type of quizes would sometime put aside the pages for me. Somehow, they were also excited whenever a parcel was delivered to our home knowing that 90% of the time, it would be for me.

Haha.. I remember in form 5 when I was the president of the English Society. One of my responsibilities was to distribute Youth Quake to the students. Somehow, I had won this Spice girl contest in there and the next thing I knew, these girls were buzzing about me winning the contest. I totally forgot that they'd print the name of the winners in the page and maybe it was just me, or maybe its true that some teachers glared at me for weeks haha.. setting a bad example to my peer, I guess..

To date, I've won movies passes, movie posters, stickers, t-shirts, CDs (Romance 2, Spice Girls, Spice Up Your Life single, Bodyshakin' 911 single, NKOTB Greatest hits etc..) , cassettes (though I never even listened to them), a Peter Pan nightgown (which I gave to Pian for his niece), perfume sprays and even books (though I don't understand why I won the Brad and Jen book since I didn't put much effort anyway.. come to think about it, I only win those which I don't really think hard at). The list is endless :-)

So why do I say its all in the math?

Well, come to think of it, its not really luck. You see, like I said earlier, I'm this quiz buff so I send in any entry I come across. Its no wonder that I win a lot, I mean, if I participate in a lot of these quizes, for sure I should win at least one, right! Lets say the odds to winning are 1 to 10. This just means that if I send one entry per week, I might win at least 5 prizes per year (and let me assure you, I win MORE than 5 prizes per year haha.. not being a show off here, just giving out the statistics :-p)

I mean, some people send in ONE quiz, and they expect to win it but if they don't, they just give up and stop. How could you win anything if you don't keep trying? Like me, I've had my fair share of losses. In fact, most of the quizes I REALLY want to win are the ones that I don't get anything but hey, I don't care, they're free stuff anyway so if I don't win 'em, its not as if I lost anything.. right!

Hehe.. anyway, to those who think its a stroke of luck, think again! Remember the odds in it and keep trying, one day, you'll win something.. I promise!

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