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Friday, November 18, 2005

The Klutzy One

Confession Time: I'm clumsy!

Really clumsy!

Extremely clumsy!

No wonder more than 1 person (I'm not revealing the actual number) has called me that hehe.. IM especially enjoys reliving my Hall of Fame clumsy moments (Okay, I won't talk about him anymore, Sentot!)

Not that I'm proud of it, but sometimes its my clumsiness that make people realize I'm really this normal girl who'd like to make friends, thank you very much, instead of the seemingly snobbish exterior I might display to people I've just met. I guess, my problem is I've got this 'unfriendly' face, perharps, that sometimes makes people think I don't like people hahah.. But when I do something clumsy, and my usual facade is replaced by this red-faced girl, giggling while trying to hide her embarassment, that people seem to warm up to me after that.. like I said, I'm not proud of it, but I'm not actually hating it too :-)

On more that a hundred occasions, I've mis-sent (ade ke perkataan nih?) emails and sms to other people, that now my friends have grown so accustomed to it, they don't tease me about it anymore.. well, a few DO keep tab of how many emails or sms are mistakenly sent to them so when I meet them, they'd present me with the statistics of my clumsiness.

Thats without mentioning the walk-into-a-pole incidents, the tripping-over-everything, forgetting to unlock my car before opening the car boot that will set the alarm off while I try to figure out how to shut the noise down.. but no, I've never worn different sets of footwear though once I wore my selipar buruk to work and only realized it once I entered the building.. really Ayu, you're quite a mess!

And now, since I'm the only one using room 3.27, this bad trait of mine seems to have gone up a few notches (okay, it might just mean that I just couldn't care less about the cluttered state of the room.. more like a store if you ask me!). I'd leave my keys all over the small room but STILL I'd have a hard time finding them. The key manufacturers should supply a phone number for the keys so in case of losing it, we could just try to call it to locate them (just like what happens whenever we misplace our mobiles)!

Somehow, yesterday I lost my car keys again. Unfortunately for me, EVERYONE had gone home by the time I realized it was missing. Knowing how forgetful and unreliable I am in the where-did-I-put-my-things department, I must've turned the room upside down, searching every nook and cranny for my dear keys. For the last resort, I tried calling kak Sue and Zul to inquire wether they had seen my keys since kak Sue was in my room and Zul loves to hide my things. Kak Sue didn't know about it while Zul's phone was being repaired so I was already at my ends when I remembered kak Shima.

Calling kak Shima, she asked where my spare keys were and I confidently told her they were at home so she promised to go fetch me and we'd go get my spare key but I should've known the silly me better. My spare keys were really IN my car since I had bought them along to replace the battery so once again I had to call kak Shima to ask if she knew anyone who could somehow 'break' into my car and she was already thinking of asking Lekuk. I also asked Erwan who couldn't quite think of anyone and I called Pojie, in case his friends knew how to do it! In short, I could've 'kacau' the whole town of Parit Buntar, just because of my keys..

Then outta no where, Hasrul called. I was a bit suprised since his motto is 'Working is for office hours' (Tipu la.. tapi betul la, dia biasa tak kacau time bukan office hours and klau ye pun, memang for work purposes). I was starting to think,"Kerja apa lagi la dia nak ni?" when he asked me if I had gone home. Considering the situation I was in, I found it a bit odd until he confessed of hiding my keys and forgetting to return it.

I could have been mad, I could've screamed.. instead I gave a great big laugh of relief and demanded he send my keys immediately. After getting off the phone ONLY did I realized what a havoc I have created over nothing and I was instantly ashamed.. Haha, buat malu je!

Anyway, I got my keys back, and had to spend a considerable time explaining the situation to everyone. Still, I got the last laugh seeing how guilty Hasrul looked like (Dia mana penah rasa bersalah, toi dak Paijah!)

So I vow to be more careful now.. err, jom tengok berapa lama azam ni bertahan!!! :-)

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