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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I was ironing my checkered shirt this morning. Its already worn out, a result of too much wear and tear during my undergraduate studies but that just makes it more comfy and since I wasn't expected to see Dr Wan today, I thought I'd one again adopt the laid back appearance this well-worn shirt gave me.

As usual, whenever I come across momentos of my past, my mind would surely go back to those times and suddenly, something a friend once said to me popped up into my mind.

Our relation nie macam tangki air yg pada mulanya penuh ngan air. Then suddenly, tangki air tu bocor sket. Air mula keluar sikit2. Pada mula nya orang tak berapa perasan tangki tu bocor sebab air yg masuk dlm tangki tu still flowing and paras air tinggi lagi. Pastu tiba2 air yg masuk tu tiba2 plak stop. So, air dlm tu makin lama makin kurang. Then dah lama sangat takde air yg mengalir masuk,baru la nampak sangat tangki air tu bocor sebab paras air dia dah rendah sangat or maybe dah takde langsung. Tangki yg bocor tu macam relation kite nie la. Itu je contoh yg saya bleh bagi untuk awak paham. I hope that the tank still have water inside it.

Ok.. I admit, this came from the IM! And yeah, he has a point.

I was pondering on the metaphor, and well, I dunno.. I guess it got me thinking! Yup, sent me going down memory lane once again and trying to understand everything that has happened.

I remember telling IM that maybe someone had tried to repair the water tank here but somehow, she used the wrong materials that might have not worked or even made the tank 'corrode' much worse (Hahah.. this is what you get when Civil Eng, Mechanical Eng, Material Eng and Chemical Eng are all thrown in together in one campus.. okay, I'm not leaving out Electrical and Elecktronic as well as Aerospace.. kecik ati plak kang haha..) Well, what if that happens, what is there to do? Especially if the 'expert' doesn't help in matters and chooses to be quiet about it without offering any advice on the Science of Water Tanks, eventhough help was inquired?

I dunno.. I guess, no matter how much I ponder upon this, I'll never really get the answer. Its not that I've never tried, in fact, I've tried to the point of feeling stupid hahah..

The best I can do now is to make sure lightning doesn't strike twice.. pisang tak berbuah dua kali..

Wish me luck!

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