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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Usaha Tangga Kejayaan

Hahah.. cam ape je tajuk die!

Anyway, what brings us to this topic..? :-)

Haha.. lets start with this morning. I've been sick of staring at my thesis for the past weeks so since Izati is here, I asked her if she wanted to go to her old school to get her PMR certificate. Truth is, I just wanted an excuse to go somewhere else than USM. Another reason is, yesterday, while reading the newspaper, a McDonald's pull out fell from the newspaper I was reading. Hmm.. I really wonder why is it that whenever I religiously go to McD, there are no interesting toys on offer but when I don't go for just a fortnight, there'd be new items that I'd sure love to have (Ni umoq berapa ni sebenaqnya ni?) In this case, it was the Chicken Little soft toy and when I noticed that the offer had started a week ago, I was already jumpy on going to go grab one before it is sold out!

We went to Izzti's school early on, konon takut Chicken Little tu abis la kan but when we entered the school office, I noticed the new headmistress (on a picture on the organisation chart) of her old school who really seemed familiar. Without my glasses on, I had to really stare at the name until it came into focus and BINGO! It was Cikgu Nab (ref:Happy Teacher's Day.. May blog entry). Sadly, she was on-leave so I spent a few minutes writing a note to her, passing it through the administrative staff who were on duty.

Well, on with my quest. The first stop was the McDonalds in Sungai Dua. As I entered, I noticed that there was no Chicken Little promotion banner so Izati went to ask the cashier about it. Disappointed to learn that they had just given out the last one a few days ago (A FEW DAYS AGO.. imagine that! Cepatnye habis!!), we went back to my car to go find another McD haha.. I was already not feeling as if I'd even manage to get it!

The next stop was at Megamall. My housemates and I had planned on seeing Chicken Little anyway so I went to buy the tickets AND choose the best seats. C'mon la, its the school holiday so only the early bird catches the worm. Lambat sikit, confirm dapat seat tak bes! Then we went to the McD on the 1st floor just to discover that they too, have run out of stock.

Remembering that we had another McD at Juru AutoCity, I dragged Izati over there, dengan perut lapar semua tu la telling her, usaha tangga kejayaan, but only to learn that the usually slow-to-go-out-of-stock McD here also didn't have any Chicken Little anymore. We went in line anyway, since I was already hungry and was ready to admit defeat. But then, inspiration struck (cehh.. poyo jek..). I suddenly remembered the drive-thru at Sunway so once again, I dragged a hungry Izati over there. She was already laughing at me by this time, but did I care? Haha..

This time I promised her, no matter what, we'd have our lunch there. Even MY tummy was singing to the NumaNuma song. And hey, wonders of wonders, they still HAD the soft toys over there.. yeay! So we went home feeling very content.. and full too!

See, betoi la cikgu suka cakap dulu --> Usaha tangga kejayaan! :-)

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