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Friday, November 11, 2005

Okay.. that does it

I woke up this morning to the sound of my phone beeping, indicating I had a new message. Thinking it was my junior Salimin who usually sends me sms during this time of the morning (mentang² la Sabah Sarawak punya masa awal lagi..), I just ignored the sms. But when my phone beeped another 5 times, deja vu suddenly came over me..

I was right! I got another message(s) from THE WIFE.. for crying out loud! This is certainly NOT a good beginning to my Friday here and this time she really succeeded in raising my temper to a dangerous level. I tried to sleep it off, c'mon la, I still had half an hour of sleep before my alarm goes off, but the thought of the insults and degrading kept popping up in my head that I woke up and FINALLY replied to the accusions thrown at me!

Well, she sort'a forced me to say all those things, so thats what I did. Nak sangat kan.. haaa, amik!!! Nak kata kat orang tu, selidik dulu boleh tak, ni aci redah je.. ingat saya ni ape? I told her, just because I kept my mouth shut, it doesn't mean I'm admitting to what she accused me of so since she asked for it, she got what she wanted all along!

I'm not going to write down exactly what I told her, its enough to say that tomorrow I'd be so ashamed of myself for acting so emotional, but for today, I think she needs a taste of her own medicine! Lain kali kalau orang dah senyap tu, sudah² la tu, bukan maknanya orang membenarkan semua tuduhan tu, cuma malas nak panjangkan cerita. For God's sake, grow up la, woman!

I also made up my mind to go and have a 'talk' with her husband, the RA but haha, I guess she must've told her husband about my sudden outburst (didn't expect it did ya?) that her husband suddenly called in sick this morning. Penat je karang ayat pagi tadi but thats okay, I still have Monday!

NO ONE is going to keep degrading me like this AND get away with it, okay!

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