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Sunday, December 31, 2006

My day with my sister

Yesterday I went back to Penang for the Aidiladha holidays.

Yun had come to stay overnight the day before so I didn't exactly rush to get ready in the morning. Seeing Yun still sleepy (and sad.. I wonder why the sad bug has bitten most us at this end of the year, huh?), I proceeded to prepare the things I wanted to take home (baju kurung, nighties, undies, day t-shirts, trackbottoms, towel, toiletries, pillow and bolster haha..) before taking my bath.

Then I made some scrambled eggs to fill my empty stomach as I had to take my meds AFTER meals (sheeeshhh! Can't we just eat them whenever we wanna eat them?). My voice was nearly gone by now and I couldn't even find my laugh as only a wheezing sound would come out from my mouth. Made as much noise as possible but Yun was still asleep haha.. So I thought of just letting her sleep (she had wanted to wake up early, tapi kesian la pulak tengok dia ngantuk sangat, tambah lak tengah sedih!) and going out for the papers. However, as I carefully opened the door, she was suddenly awake so I just told her I was going out while she switched on the tv (yeah, we slept in the living room!)

We finally got outta the house around 1pm. I had promised to met her at KBJ but then something came up so she wasn't quite sure if she'd make it. Still, I wanted to go SOMEWHERE so I decided to still go to KBJ and called one of my favourite people, my sister Izati!

She had just arrived that morning from KL and was still quite sleepy but at the sound of my voice asking if she wanted to go out, she was instantly awake.. Trust Izati to do that haha..

However, I was busy with my Neopet and realized I was still at school at 5.30pm. Thank God Yun smsed telling me she'd be going after all and THAT shook me awake so off I went back to Penang. good for me, there was no traffic. However, at the toll gate, I noticed a teenange boy in front of me frantically waving to me. I wasn't wearing my glasses and was quite confused but after taking over them, and letting them take over me, if I'm not mistaken, its one of my new students, Nabil (The 'Nabil pun handsome jugak kan cikgu' one).

I was in quite a jolly festive mood (betoi ka?) and was smiling all the way.

As I arrived in Penang, I went straight to KBJ and was the first to arrived. I managed to change the batteries of my watch, find a little something for Farah whose been quite upset these past few days and looked at some silver bracelets I had planned to buy for Izati. I even went to the mobile phone vendors hahah.. Yun arrived about half an hour later with kak Wahid and before they even stopped laughing at the sound of my voice, Izati arrived.

We spent a good hour in Cosmart before we parted ways. Then me and Izati went to keep the groceries we just bought in my car before proceeding to go the cinema on the top floor to buy tickets for Night at The Museum. Then we went to Kenny Rogers for dinner, carefully avoiding the seat where the light bulb above it once exploded when I had went there with Pojie and Lie a while ago haha.. Izati (and Mira.. yup! She was also there with her mother and sisters) laughed when I kept staring at the new bulb!

I forgot to take my meds for the second time that day. The midday one and the night one but the night one wasn't because I totally forgot, more because I had left it in my car. Then I had to endure a scolding from Izati and Mira (who btw are 9 years and 8 year younger than me respectively!). Sheesshh..

Then nearing 9.45pm, me and Izati said goodbye to Mira when we headed to the cinema. I wasn't really looking forward to the movie as I had an impression it was a lawak bodo kinda story but since Izati wanted to watch it and I really do enjoy Izati's company at the movies (c'mon, she drags me to watch teen flicks with her haha.. but I still love laughing and enjoying any kinda movies with her.. one of my favourite movie people!), I just went into the cinema with her.

Well, to my surprise, the movies wasn't bad. Not bad at all, in fact, it left me in stitches. Even with my wheezing laugh without a sound, I found myself doubling up every 5 minutes or so. I was impressed to see old Bert (from the Mary Poppins movie.. Dick Van Winkle or whatever his name was) still acting convincingly but the whole movie was worth it :) though you had to listen to the dialogue as most of the jokes were in the speech form but I loved the movie, AND I didn't really expect to love it, you see :)

On the way to the parking, me and Izati were still talking about the movie. Then as we went in the car, as usual, Izati would fiddle with my CDs, trying to find the songs she'd like. Then, I did my usual annoying habit of singing along with any song she'd choose but this time, I just made her laugh even more when she listened to me trying my best to sing when my voice refused to cooperate. Before long, I was laughing with her too.. Boy, I feel as if its been so long since I really laughed with someone I enjoy!

When we arrived home, as usual, I'd fight over who gets to sleep right under the fan, and on the couch (we haven't slept in our own rooms for a long time now). Izati had been telling me that she HAD to study once we arrived home as she had wasted time going out with me but me being the usual annoying sister insisted she didn't have to do anything as boring as studying haha.. We must've slept around 3am with Mama shaking her head looking at her hyena daughters (one ok hyena, and another sick one without a voice but trying her best to be the loudest hahah..).

This morning, we woke up and got ready for raya. However, nothing much was done. We only went for raya at Kak Wahid's house and Uncle Mustafa's. Then Mama announced she wanted to go back to Kuala Kangsar eventhough none of our relatives were going back. Izati had her friends there, while I was dreading the prospect of being bored outta my wits so I asked Mama if I could be excused whcih she agreed to, knowing there wouldn't be much to do anyway..

So here I am, cutting my vacation short by a day :)

Still, I enjoy being with my sister.. love her to bits, though she could be quite bossy for a lil' sis who's 9 years younger than me! :)

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