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Sunday, December 17, 2006


It seems like there are practically NO weekends without weddings in these school holidays. Not that I have anything againsts wedding, but in my broke situation now, sedikit malu laaa nak pi kenduri hehe..

I mean, the first week was Mak Cik Hawa's kenduri. Then the next week was Nanie's and Yana's kenduri. not to mention Ikin's kenduri the following week with Seti's. Then yesterday was Ani's and Pitz's kenduri while today is Suhaila's brother's kenduri..

Anyway, yesterday I went to Aniza's wedding. Her house is just near USM but I've always found excuses not to go to ther home, I dunno why coz eversince we were in form 1, I've been wanting to go to her house. Well, her wedding was a great excuse to go now wasn't it.. though I can't really expect to buka puasa at her house anymore, now that she's married hehe..

I went there with Mama and Adi as we had attended Ikram's graduation in the morning. We'd even eaten at Ikram's place but still went hahah.. makan banyak kali la jawabnye..

Ani looked pretty in purple. She looked what we'd say as 'berseri'.. 'glowing' I think! Her husband looked older (he is older la kan) but seemed quite nice. Good for her, dah jumpe jodoh! I went to salam with her and we were talking in front of the dais as if it wasn't her wedding haha.. Then we went to eat the nasik kenduri.

Before going back, I went to see Ani again to congratulate her once more. She laughed and told my mum that I have never changed since school. I was a bit confused at first until she commented on how my tudung was always smudged. Aiyakkk!!! I realized she was right, aiyooo, sangat malu ooo heheh.. I guess As was right when she made the joke of whose tudung was the most 'colourful' during our school days hehe..

The then today I went to Sungai Petani to attend Suhaila's brother's wedding. I saw her as we ascended down the stairs but she must have not recognized me at first. Well, understandable as I've gained a LOT of weight since I last saw her during our convocation. Then as I went to her ONLY did she start shrieking hahah.. Its good to see old friends, and better still when you've got a lot to talk about. Pity she was busy though, or we might've bought the whole hall down :)

She's still the pretty Suhaila. I really hope one day we'd be able to meet up with our other friends and catch up.. Soraya, Jesreen, Ilah, Muazzah, Suri, Nurul and the whole lot. Ramai sangat nak tulis kat sini hehe..

Anyway, I really enjoyed this weekend though I usally ramble on how I'd like to avoid the school holidays a.k.a wedding season. To all my friends who are getting married.. CONGRATULATIONS eh! :)

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