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Friday, December 08, 2006

Its a small world after all.. the sequel!

I was teaching a form 2 class yesterday and had 3 additions to my students. One of the boys was very fair and quite chubby. Cute, if you ask me!

Then while we were waiting for the other students to finish their excercise I had given, this boy called me.

Boy: Cikgu, saya nak sampaikan pesan seseorang kat cikgu!
Me: Okay.. what is it?
Boy: Ade orang kirim salam kat cikgu..
Me: Huh?
Boy: Dia tanye, ape khabar thesis?
Me: Wha.. whaaaaattt!

I was almost laughing at this stage. WHO was the person?

Boy: Dia kate.. ape ye, kejap saya nak ingat balik..
Me: Ok
Boy: Haaa.. thes..thess..thesis correction dah siap?

Okay, by now, I know, this must be someone from the school but my curiosity got the best of me.

Me: Sape orang tu?
Boy: Name dia Dr Ahmad Farhan.. saya ni anak buah dia!

Tht does it, I was giving out this nervous jumbles of laughter while thinking of my not-touched-yet corrections!

God! How did he know I was teaching tuition anyway!

Guess its true.. I can run, but I can never hide.. especially from my favourite lecturer cum co-supervisor here haha..

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