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Sunday, July 05, 2009

SSSPE ~ Picking up the kids and bio-indicators (Pt II)

I've spent a few hours choosing photos for my update as promised. Tp sangat la byk to choose from and though I had planned on AN (1) entry for the whole Sg Sedim-Sg Pinang Expedition like I did last year (as seen here), I absolutely can't do that for this year punye hehe..

Last years entry for the expedition consist of ONE entry and 15 photos. But up to now, I already have around 20 photos and its still on the first day.. not even NOON yet! Haha.. so I decided to take a leaf outta Mazlan's page and write a few entries.. aci?

So to Bai and Ana yg kate, mesti sy byk bende nak citer after 4 days without internet hahah.. well, you might wanna eat your words after this hehe..

Lets see..

I couldn't sleep the night before. Not that I was excited ke ape ke but I just couldn't sleep so around 4am, I got ready and went to school demi menuai di Barn Buddy (dan mencuri apple Arep!) serta menutup Restaurant City ku dan menghantar Eilma (my Neopet) to the Neolodge. Thus, I was among the earliest to arrive at Cafe Lembaran for the bus ride to SKPJ to pick up our lil' charges.

We arrived, kul wape ek? Around 7.15am kot and most of the students had arrived, all grouped around in their own cliques. A quick briefing on the journey took place then we took a group photo as seen here.. ..ramai kan! Baby sitter ade baper org je for 55 students! After the group photo, the students semua lined up before going on the bus. Cam baik je kan ghope diorg ni time ni :) Then in the bus, upenye ade yg pantang tgk camera. This is a group at the back of the bus, whom later we learnt memang pantang nmpk camera and they'd be the first to sit in front of it. Going through the pictures, memang byk giler ah gambo diorg² ni. Even time bace doa naik kenderaan ramai² pun sempat je diorg posing (Alaaaa, mane tah gambo itu.. lupe plak nak amik tadi mase sorting out!) Arrived at Sedim around 9.30am.. I think! So we quickly asked the students to line up sbb berbeze from last year, tahun ni diorg no longer given privelleage naik jip, but rather kene jalan kaki :) Exercise skit.. and us CMs pun needed the exercise jugak kot kannn :D "Barisan cantiiikk.. barisan luruuus.. angkat tangan, kaki rapat.. lurus barisaann" They actually had a song for this haha.. Apparently Adib's mum owned a kindergarten that sang that song every morning so 'abg²' diorg ni pun hafal la jugakkk and were singing all along the way.. ..then finally arrived at our destination :) So first, we organized everyone into groups before giving out their name tags (you can see Amin sini sgt la sempat nmpk the camera kaann while his friend whom I'm not sure sape (Hadi kot) tak pandang pun).. ..and their bags filled with the caps and t-shirts as well as the files complete with stationery and module. Untung kan diorg?

The girls (as usual) trus je duduk mem'proses' ape yg didapati hehe.. while the guys were still joking around! Then see the 'makcik' in front trying to remind the students on some important things they had to do? Sian dia kan.. I just realized TAKDE SORG PUN yang pandang me! Takpe, diorg tgh check kot ape I ckp with ape yg diorg ade (ayat pujuk hati yg gundah gulane!) Pastu.. makan tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmee! These are all from my group. Clockwise from top: Aqmal, Faiz, Aiman and Muhaimin. I had a laugh when another student in my group (Syazani) complained,"Kak Ayuuu.. noodles pagi tadi tak sedap langsung!"


Duh.. 'mee' still sounds nicer! Hehe.. Now I know how I must have sounded dulu since my friends always tell me sy ckp pelik! But I didn't say noodles kaaaan kat asrama AlMashoor tu dulu :p Anyway, not that I'm mengutuk Syazani.. just couldn't help laughing at his choice of words (which mesti dia gune kat umah kan)

Then we went to the seminar room for a briefing on the bio indicators. This activity is where the quality of a river is determined by observing the living organisme in the said river. These are the 'apparatus' for the bio indicators (the long pole there is actually a net for us to catch prawns and such)..

..while this one plak the thingeys for the water tests (pH, nitrate content, oxygen content bla.. bla..) So off we went! Ni group Rashid who were fortunate enough to get a shallow part of river for the whole group to gather around.. My group dapat site from tebing tinggi skit so we did not allow the students to go down in the river with us. (From front left line: Amirin, Syafiq and Faiz. Right line upwards: Muhaimin, Aiman, Zafyrah, Hanif, Ainul who's partially hidden, Ain, Syafiqah and me) This is Amzar and 'Mak Cik Bibi' (Betoi kaaa? Hahah, suke hati je Ayu ni!) testing the temperature of the water during the water test.. ..and this is abg Nizam doing USM punye own test on the water :D See how intent Shauki (red t-shirt) is in trying to find minute organisme in the sand they got from the river. Around him is again Amzar with the addition of Hassan (anak Dr Mail nih) Ni plak, I dunno the girl's name, but she's using the chart given by the JPS to determine what kind of organisme they had caught. Then after an afternoon filled with 'frolicking' in the water (WE wish! Mane bleh nak mandi kat sane huhu..), some groups headed back to the main building. Sempat jugak tu sengih at the camera kan budak² ni! Back at the 'cafe', the groups were then instructed to calculate the points they had accumulated (each kind of organisme had different points) using the form that Shauki, Adib, Faizal and Salman are concentrating on tu. The point were to be noted for the presentation that night.. Back at another table, some students were doing their own 'bio-indicator' experiment haha.. they had found this horned beetle and another insect that looked like a dead leaf and were excited about it (mesti sumer budak bandar niii!) Then, all of us took some lunch before heading to the musolla for Zohor prayers.. tp tak tahan tu, sempat lagi nak amik gambo while waiting to take their wudhu' Tsk.. tsk..

See why I can't cram everything into one entry hehe..

Next episode: The Tree Top Walk & Bonfire

P/S See other photos here and here for both 'amik students' and 'bio-indicators' respectively

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