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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

SSSPE ~ Educational Jungle Walk (Pt IV)

Rise and shine, adik²!

Hehe.. the next morning, we discovered the kids actually bgn sgt awal from the CMs. When we woke up to wake them up, they were already READY! Huh, caya lah adik² hehe.. so untuk memulekan hari anda dengan berkat (cewaaahhh!) we had a Kuliah Subuh in the hostel musolla. Bersungguh-sungguh adik² ni dengar Ustaz Din..

Next activity, morning exercise. We did the poco² this morning lead by Ustaz Din jugak.. so pagi hari pun bermula with laughter, okay la kann :)

This picture also dedicated to Zaqqim.. ni ade la skit from TTM kaaann :) Saje suke tgk camera bebudak nih..

Then it was makan time!! Yummy breakfast of nasik lemak. I actually liked it tp malu nak tambah.. aci?

This one I dunno why the photographer (not sure between Mazlan, abg Fauzi or abg Nizam) took the picture, tapi chumel kan hehe.. like the horned beetle was trying out the walkie talkie je lagaknye. Not sure if its the same beetle as yesterday though. If its the same, nmpk sgt la dia suke kat kami noooooooooo :D

Pastu we started the Educational Jungle Walk (EJW) with some briefing from the forest rangers. They talked about the dos and don'ts in the forest and about the activity we were about to do. This year the students got a file each from the rangers. Huhu, tahun lepas kitorg kene tulis sendirik jeeee..

..and they also got a bottle of mineral water each for the long hike!

First we were 'introduced' to some trees. Here is the Payung Indonesia due to its canopy (Yeay! I remember that word from the old Geography days hehe..) that looked like an umbrella. Interesting-looking tree if I must say so, tu yang bebudak sedap je lepak bawah pokok tu :p

Ni plak is Hana, our CM in charge of food. Tgk manjenye bebudak ni mntk dia sapukan the mosquitoe repellant tuh hehe..

This pulak Shauki and Adam who found the large 'shelter-like' leaves. Diorg bergaye cam ade payung je kan tu.. I don't remember which tree those leaves were from though.

Lupe plak, we also had the students picking up rubbish along the way.. bagus kan diorg? :)

Then started the hike up the hill. Dalam dok berjalan tu pun sempat lagi posing bebudak nih kannn.. very pantang tgk kamera one! :D

Up and up we went about the hill..

..and learnt about a few medicinal plants on the way. This one tak silap sy is pokok senduduk.

..sampai 'pengsan' la si Fattah ni hehe.. Kunun tak larat abis la tu.., our dear Food CMs bought up our morning tea break. Seronok la kitorg picnic in the forest :)

Saje bg budak-budak suke before..

Jeng.. jeng.. jeng..

Kene turun curam just like last year!

Budak² kene turun..

..fasi pun kene turun gak hehe.. (I'm very sure its the very SAME tudung I wore during last years descend!)

..and tak tahan AJK pun turun dgn ceria nye! Tgk la Dayah ni, as if dia buat bende ni hari² plak.

Once dah sampai bwh, we were hustled to our 'pokok angkats'. Each group got a different tree and were required to take a pair of leaves for the herbarium. Last year, they took whatever leaves they wanted to take sampai dah tatau from which tree.

This one was my groups tree: Pokok Sesenduk (NOT senduduk!) I remember a structural student who did a research on this tree for her MSc dissertation.

We had to learn about its leaves, it bark, its root (banir?), its life span and others. Here the rangers were measuring its circumferance. (Its actually the diameter, they have this special measuring tape that can measure the diameter by measuring the circumference)

After all that was noted and learnt, we headed back to the hostel.. with a slight detour at the TTW to take group pictures. Here's the first group, Amir's group known as Dragonfly.

This one plak 2nd group lead by Rashid a.k.a Pagoda Snail tp termasuk with rangers and abg Fauzi nihhh..

Mine is the third, Hydra

Then Sha's Crab group

..and lastly, Faizal's group Mayfly

Hmm, Mazlan hasn't updated yet rasenye on this so I can't link his entry here yet. Nnt dah ade I'll link.

Next episode: Herbarium & Talent time

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